Not many days have passed since the 84-page guide to SPIEL in Essen was publishedDespite all the games and expansions that have already been announced, there is still something really interesting hidden in the list of novelties. It is a second expansion to one of the top titles of recent years.

The lost ruins of Arnak just received the Asymmetric Expedition Leader expansion last year. The base game itself is in the top 50 of all games on BoardGameGeek. The expansion is also rated excellent. Something has now been hidden in the middle of the SPIEL guide, which fans of the game should be happy about.

Nameless second expansion

You'd have to scroll halfway through the GAME guide to find this information. The English and German versions of the new extension are hidden on page 38 and page 49 respectively.

The second extension too The lost ruins of Arnak previously had the title “2. Extension". Since an official announcement has not yet been published, one can only speculate what content there is, what it looks like or whether the title is already final. Even BoardGameGeek doesn't have a page on expansion.

The "basic data" of the extension is already listed in the guide. Nothing changes in these compared to the base game. Playable with 1-4 people, the expansion is recommended for ages 12 and up. The price is set at 30€. The novelty is listed by Czech Games Edition and HeidlBÄR Games.



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