Gamescom 2014 attracts with numerous highlights from the games sector. Fans of digital entertainment have until next Sunday to visit one of the most important games fairs worldwide. Well-known publishers have new blockbuster titles in their luggage and let fans use the mouse, keyboard and gamepad. But board players also benefit from the colorful mix of game development, because quite a few licenses have also found their way onto the board game market. When PC games serve as popular templates for board games, there is initially great skepticism, but the genre comes up with many surprises that not only inspire gamers. Representing a large number of similar titles, this article presents three entertaining board games, the ideas of which have sprung from the digital sector.


Civilization works as well as a board game as it does a video game.

Civilization has existed as a PC game since 1991. The global strategy game has delighted millions of fans worldwide with a mixture of strategy and construction elements since it was released this year. Sid Meier's turn-based game idea is cozy and still a wonderful change from hectic everyday life. To be a dictator, diplomatic president of a successful nation or a heroic conqueror, these are the gamblers' dreams of which Civ, as fans abbreviate, is made of. Civilization makes an excellent video game template for a board game that has likely as many fans as the digital version itself.

The board game strikes a similar notch as the video game series and presents itself as a tactical board game for 2 to 5 players, which is essentially about building a civilization. The Heidelberger Spieleverlag published the German version of Civilization - Das Brettspiel on June 30, 2011 and since then has also successfully established the expansion Civilization: Fame and Fortune on the German market. Predicate particularly valuable. Definitely try it out!

Warcraft - The Boardgame

A real highlight for fans of the computer game: Warcraft - The Board Game

World of Warcraft from Activision-Blizzard is one of the best-known brands in the field of PC games. And from outside the digital world, the marketing strategy works incredibly well. Comics, books and a fantastic fantasy board game entertain fans just as well as the successful MMORPG itself. The first publication in 2004 was not a good star. Connection problems and numerous bugs clouded the fun of the game. Nevertheless, or perhaps because of this, WoW took the lead among MMORPGs and has been able to successfully defend this top position to this day. The next add-on Warlords of Draenor will be released this fall and will delight millions of fans with new ideas.

The board game relies on the well-known peoples of the video game template and lets 2 to 4 players immerse themselves in the world of the craft of war, which consists of collecting resources, training fighters and building improvements. World of Warcraft - The Board Game is reminiscent of other well-known fantasy board games without looking copied. The game material is particularly successful and brings the great atmosphere of the digital template to the board game table at home.

Age of Empires III

Many players don't know: Age of Empires II is also available as a board game.

Age of Empires has been one of the strategic heavyweights in the PC sector since 1997 and comes from Ensemble Studios, a development team that at the time focused on real-time strategy and the AoE series. In the video game template, the PC player controls a people of his choice and drives the development from the Stone Age to the modern age - compressed and entertaining in a few minutes (or hours). The game could be won in different ways. Defeating all enemy units particularly appeals to brave warlords, while explorers or researchers could concentrate on collecting artifacts or building a wonder of the world in order to end a game victoriously.

Age of Empires III - The board game inspires above all with its huge game board and the great equipment. More than 200 pretty characters cavort on the field in a 5-player game, so that the atmosphere of the PC template was implemented perfectly and feels truly epic. The aim of the game is to discover, conquer and, if necessary, defend America. What sounds incredibly extensive it is. One of the best board games for me.