The Swiss publisher Treecer has developed a board game based on the video game series Zoo Tycoon. The title is to be financed by crowdfunding. The corresponding campaign has just started. 

For the more than 20-year-old video game brand, the board game idea is a kind of revival. Zoo Tycoon had not recently presented itself as fresh as on the home gaming table. Thanks to the official license and Microsoft's blessing, the Swiss from Treecer can implement their idea for the board game - what's still missing? Money. This should be flushed into the coffers by swarm financing. fans can Zoo Tycoon campaign on Kickstarter until November 23rd support. 

Zoo Tycoon: The video game is set to become a board game

Treecer is aimed at connoisseurs and experts with the Zoo Tycoon board game. The Swiss presented the title as a prototype at the SPIEL'22 in Essen. It already looked pretty good for a game that is far from being produced. Colorful, plenty of material, many animal figures, a thoroughly innovative game board - several factors speak for at least a solid board game. 

In the meantime, the crowdfunding campaign has started: Treecer wants to generate at least around 76.000 euros, because the publisher has set this target for the success of the campaign. The Zoo Tycoon board game costs supporters 81 or 107 euros – depending on the variant chosen. The more expensive deluxe version has much prettier animals. 

The board game should be delivered in September 2023 if the financing is successful. 

The Swiss are at least familiar with crowdfunding: the publisher had previously published Darwin's Choice through crowdfunding. In order for Zoo Tycoon to also become something as a board game, supporters now have to put money into their hands. More than 450 fans have already done so, but that's not enough for successful financing (as of October 25th). After all: The start of the campaign was successful for the Swiss with around 62 percent of the targeted financing amount. Fans now have until November 23 to vote for support. 

The makers Marc and Samuel answer questions in a Q-and-A video:

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