Daedalic Entertainment and Zing Games have presented a mix of pinball, zombie defense elements and rogueliek features: Zombie Rollerz - Pinball Heroes is due to be released this year for PC and Nintendo Switch. There is an announcement trailer on top.

"Zombie Rollerz zu wishlisten is an absolute no-brainer, which conveniently also protects you from our zombies", says Daedalic CEO Carsten Fichtelmann, about the game mix that will be released for PC and Nintendo Switch. Probably this year. 

Shoot, hit, ram zombies

Players shoot, slam, and ram through hordes of adorable stupid zombies in a mix of pinball, point defense, and zombie horde gameplay.
You can choose from ten different heroes with their own special abilities to shoot down the zombies in a fun way. “Unlocks hundreds of helpful skills and items that power your heroes”, says the idea of ​​the game, which - typically zombie-themed - doesn't take itself very seriously. In addition, there are eleven epic boss fights that can only be mastered with precise pinball skills and clever use of skills.

The genre mix with roguelike elements is particularly exciting: four worlds can be explored via the world map. Randomly generated design ensures that no playthrough is the same. If you want to clean all worlds of the angry zombies, you have to adapt to new challenges every time. 

And if you think you've heard of the title, you're right: Zombie Rollerz: Pinball Heroes is the improved sequel to the original, which millions have already had fun with on mobile devices.


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