With Zombicide: Undead or Alive, CMON has launched the latest installment in the popular zombie series as a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. They wanted to collect at least 150.000 US dollars, but the board game is already scratching the million mark. Almost 11.000 supporters are already participating. For CMON, Project “Z” is a huge success – and big business.

The crowdfunding campaign for Zombicide: Undead or Alive on Kickstarter (as of Friday evening, February 19) has already generated almost one million US dollars. Within the first two days. For CMON, the series of miniatures with a zombie setting has developed into a cash cow over the years. The publisher had the original Zombicide in 2012

Zombicide: From Success to Million Project

With the original Zombicide, the publisher was able to raise around 2012 US dollars via Kickstarter in 780.000. Even then, the board game with the bloodthirsty theme with an attached survival principle was successful. In the meantime, the series has become a fixture in the CMON calendar - new offshoots, new editions or extensions appear regularly. The revenue in the crowdfunding segment is always several million US dollars per campaign: For example, Zombicide Season 2 was able to generate 2013 million US dollars in 2,2, while the third season was almost three million US dollars in 2014 -Dollar.

The successors were able to top it: Zombicide - Black Plague flushed just over four million US dollars into CMON's coffers; Green Horde even broke the five million mark. The roughly 3,4 million US dollars that the second edition of the board game or the Invader offshoot were able to bring to the counter almost seem like failures. Most recently, over 21.000 supporters contributed to Zombicide - and also with the Wild West offshoot Zombicide: Undead or Alive, the course seems to be set for success. So far, around 11.000 fans have done their part to ensure that the targeted funding amount has been exceeded by around 630 percent. The campaign will run until mid-March.

There is pure Wild West flair with this new offshoot from the Zombicide series by CMON. Image: CMON

There is pure Wild West flair with this new offshoot from the Zombicide series by CMON. Image: CMON

Success is inevitable for the brand that has now become established. And CMON does its part to keep it that way. The publisher recently started the race with dynamite, a Gatling gun and a train that ran over zombies. The concept works. 100 US dollars, the equivalent of 83 euros, is worth the purchase for the fans - of course, Kickstarter does not buy, but supports. A rogue who thinks bad. Nevertheless: Zombicide's pulling power has not changed in 2021 either.

Admittedly, the Wild West theme is refreshing. Trash horror with trigger-happy gunslingers and zombies has existed a hundred times over, and as a board game, the topic has been neglected so far. For something over 80 euros there is again a heap of material: miniatures - heroes like zombies, plastic player boards, map pieces, tokens, cards and, in keeping with the style, wooden cubes. From a purely visual point of view, Zombicide is attractive again, in terms of play, you tend to return to the tried and tested framework, have readjusted something here and there - but that doesn't change anything: Zombicide in the Wild West is still Zombicide. The last stretch goal will fall shortly, and just a few moments later the funding mark of one million US dollars will have been exceeded. And then? Could follow what often follows at CMON: extras, extras, extras - mostly for a fee, of course.

Fans will not let that stop them and will continue to pump money into the campaign. And somehow the simple plan finally works, financially for CMON, but also playfully for fans. None of the offshoots from the Zombie series are bad. On the contrary, you get what you pay for. Lots of material and a very variable and entertaining gameplay.

The Crowdfunding campaign for Zombicide: Undead or Alive on Kickstarter runs until March 11th. The publisher has planned delivery of the miniature board game for March 2022.

Source: Kickstarter

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