CMON will be launching a "flip and write" on one of its most popular series: Zombicide. The zombie board game series is enriched by a spin-off. The gameplay is new, the universe remains the same. Players once again assume the roles of the survivors.

Zombicide: Gear Up is CMON's Zombicide flip-and-write game. Instead of eliminating zombies on a game board, the undead are now being attacked by card mechanics. Players take on the role of survivors - each armed with their own arsenal of weapons - and choose from one of several difficulty levels. Then it starts.

Zombicide: Gear Up - from easy to nightmarish

Each of the players fights against a random and personal setup of zombie opponents, represented in card form. The goal remains the same: It's about survival. CMON apparently links different random levels for Zombicide: Gear Up - in addition to the allocation of opponents, the active weapons are also randomly determined by card. Each weapon has a hit box, which must then be combined with the zombie cards. In the end it is a kind of "Tetris" game idea.

The point is to fill the zombie outlines with hits until the opponent is defeated. The highlight: surviving zombies approach the players step by step and deal damage when they reach them - then depending on the opponent's strength. This is where another tactical element comes into play: Actors can use armor to avoid being hit.

If the third round card is turned over, additional zombie opponents enter the game. The group can also use this strategically - the cards can be distributed to the players as desired. When the ninth move is reached, the boss comes. You have to defeat him to win.

Jordy Adan, who previously designed The Cartographer and Trudvang Legends, is behind Zombicide: Gear Up. The author is supported by Marco Portugal (including: Massive Darkness 2, Project: Elite). Zombicide: Gear Up is published by CMON, the publisher that published the rest of the Zombicide board games. It is not yet clear when Zombicide: Gear Up will be released. The time is assumed to be between July and September 2022. The costs are expected to be around 22 euros.

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