Meanwhile, developer Monolith is looking for new employees for a fresh Legend of Zelda title. Could it be that they are sending us into a similar 3D open world as in Breath of the Wild?

It has always been clear that there would be a new The Legend of Zelda, after all, the brand is one of Nintendo's strongest draft horses. In November 2018, Nintendo strengthened its "Zelda"-Team. At that time, the company was looking for a designer for 3D environments and a level designer. Speculations quickly arose that they were preparing for work on a successor to “Breath of the Wild”. Now there seems to be further evidence:

Developer Monolith included

The developers Monolith, who are best known for their "Xenoblade Chronicles" games, also worked on various "Zelda" games. Most recently on “Breath of the Wild”. Now one thing is certain: The developer has his fingers in the game in the coming part of the series as well. The studio recently published Via Twitter Job applications for designers, programmers, artists and project managers.

Another 3D open world game?

The job ad details about the title cannot be found, but 
Monolith's involvement suggests that an open and three-dimensional game world is once again going on. Already in “Breath of the Wild” the studio was primarily responsible for the open environment. And the "Xenoblade Chronicles" games also thrive on the concept of spacious and freely explorable areas. A statement from Nintendo is currently pending.

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