Review keys for Steam and Xbox are now available for the Jackbox Party Starter with three classics from the Jackbox Party Pack series. PlayStation and Switch keys are also coming soon. The title will be released on June 30th.

From Jackbox Games, the studio behind the legendary You Don't Know Jack, new Party Packs are released regularly with a collection of fun, silly or downright absurd party games. Your own smartphone or tablet serves as a controller. This means that game evenings with family and friends are also possible over greater distances.

Three fan favorites fully localized

For the first time, the Jackbox Party Starter re-releases three fan favorites from previous Party Packs with full German, French, Spanish and Italian localization: Tee-KO (Jackbox Party Pack 3), Trivia Murder Party 2 (Jackbox Party Pack 6) and Quiplash 3 (Jackbox Party Pack 7).

The Jackbox Party Starter is not only the perfect package for newcomers, but also for everyone who has not yet dared to try Jackbox Games due to the language barrier. Jackbox veterans should also be pleased that Hamburg-based toneworx studios are responsible for the German translation of the Jackbox Party Starter - the same studio that was involved in the German versions of You Don't Know Jack.

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Who in the room? Who in the room? 21033 Are You Ready to Learn... Who in the room? Who in the room? 21033 Are you ready to learn... * Currently no reviews 22,81 EUR

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