With the strategic board game Ynaros Fallin', the small publisher Peekwik Dreams wants to realize its ambitious debut project via crowdfunding before the end of this year. The start of the corresponding financing campaign is planned for 2022, but has no fixed date yet.

Peekwik Dreams plans to debut this year. Ynaros Fallin' is not only the first Kickstarter project for the micro-publisher, but its first board game ever. "Make dreams come true" is the publisher's declared motto - making dreams come true. Will that work with the shaman duel Ynaros Fallin'? First of all, the fans decide for themselves – they have to successfully get the title through crowdfunding.

Ynaros Fallin' - alone or in a duel

Peekwik Dreams is planning to launch the campaign for the current year - it is unclear when exactly it will start. A community is currently being built around the board game Ynaros Fallin'. the Crowdfunding preview page on Kickstarter is already online, so you can already follow the project there. Just over 100 subscribers show interest in the “board game about epic battles, hidden powers and the exploration of magical lands”.

Ynaros Fallin' is not only a debut for the small Italian publisher, the same applies to the author Luca Sanfilippo and his creative partner Ugo Tomasello. The latter is also the head of Peekwik Dreams and actually a doctor of neuroscience.

Not much is known about Ynaros Fallin'. The few scraps of information sound at least interesting. The board game is aimed at two players in duel mode, but can also be played as a solo title. The rounds with playing times of up to one hour are primarily about strategy and a mechanical mix of worker placement and area control. Each turn consists of four phases in which cards are played, characters are moved, magic stones are exchanged for experience points and energy resources are exhausted. There are four conditions that can end a game. In the end, the player with the most experience points usually wins - unless one of two conditions occur that make the game a defeat. Apparently, the board game can be played at different levels of difficulty. The Swiss Swan Keller is responsible for the illustrations.


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