It is a comparatively brief message that was distributed via the official Twitter channel for the pirate game Sea of ​​Thieves. However, the message could have serious consequences for treasure hunters all over the world: Sea of ​​Thieves will also be available for PC Steam at the beginning of next month, more precisely: on June 3rd. 

The pirate video game about short battles on the water and extensive treasure hunts is the current work of Rare and - that can be said quite rightly - Microsoft's initial boost for the then new Game Pass. Sea of ​​Thieves hasn't lost any of its popularity than that Games subscription has already established itself - on the contrary: at the beginning of the year Rare proudly announced the milestone of ten million players - although the start was anything but smooth at the time.

Sea of ​​Thieves was Microsoft's entry into Game Pass

The pirates went through ups and downs with Rare. Sea of ​​Thieves was already enormously entertaining with its release in 2018, but only for a short time. Because: content was in short supply. The developers have not given up their project, which has been advertised so extensively. Step by step, Rare provided new content and improved the pirate game to such an extent that it is still one of the draft horses for the Game Pass.

With 20 million pirates believed to be better than ten, Rare is now making sure Sea of ​​Thieves has the opportunity to grow. With the release on Valve's Steam platform on June 3, the number of players should skyrocket again. The release was announced in April, even if no final release date was given at that time.

A new trailer reveals what Steam fans can look forward to:

There is now more than enough content. On Steam, the description of the game contains eleven tangles episodes and around 30 hours of entertainment. The pirate adventure is enriched with new content every month, making Sea of ​​Thieves a prototype for a “game as a service”.

Basically every type of player gets the right content: From PvP to PvE to epic endgame quest series, a lot is now possible in Rare's Pirate Game - including countless possibilities to personalize ship and character.

With the release on Steam, Sea of ​​Thieves is available on a total of three platforms: Xbox One, Windows PC and PC Steam.

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