The copies of the Xbox Series X | S sold quickly and are now sold out at many dealers. Remaining contingents are also quickly sold over the counter. All those fans who have already got hold of a console or who have an Xbox Series X | S is still on the way, you can look forward to it - and be happy about it, because Microsoft's new power consoles are expected to remain a scarce item for sale for the next few months.

As stated by Xbox's Chief Financial Officer Tim Stuart at the Jefferies Interactive Entertainment conference*, the delivery bottlenecks of the Xbox Series X | S is expected to be noticeable until the end of the first quarter of 2021.

"Full speed" logistics from Q2/2021

Tim Stuart thinks you will have bottlenecks in the quarter after the Christmas business, which corresponds to Microsoft's third business quarter and the first quarter of the year. Tim Stuart makes it clear that the bottlenecks could still be felt in the next four to six months. This is only expected to dissolve from the fourth quarter of the fiscal year and the supply chain will then run at full speed - and thus also cover the needs.

The point in time at which the offers will also meet the demand is therefore definitely a tangible one in the near future. So it is currently not believed that the Xbox Series X | S will also have to struggle with delivery bottlenecks in the long term. An example from the United Kingdom shows just how great the rush for consoles was: there, around 48 consoles were sold there in the first 150.000 hours.

The release of the Xbox Series X | S was the biggest launch in Xbox history, according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer. It is no surprise and not uncommon that delivery bottlenecks occur, especially in the period immediately after the publication. Nintendo's innovative hybrid console Nintendo Switch was also sold out in the meantime, some copies were sold at horrendous prices.

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