Fans can pre-order the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S from September 22nd. Microsoft seems to want to avoid a similar chaos as with the preorders for the Playstation 5 and has now also announced the official time for the introductory start: From 9 a.m. German time, players can secure their consoles. 

On November 10th, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will appear, which will usher in a new generation of gaming for Redmond-based and fans alike. The Xbox Series X is available for 499,99 euros, the slimmed-down, but significantly cheaper Xbox Series S for 299,99 euros. From the Pre-order chaos that Sony hosted on the Playstation 5, Microsoft has apparently learned a lesson. The group therefore publishes information on the start time for pre-orders in advance.

Xbox Series: do pre-orders have to be as fast as the PS5?

When both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are officially available for pre-order on September 22nd, fans can strike. This will be possible from 9 a.m., Microsoft has now announced. However, that is not a guarantee that you will actually be able to pre-order the console successfully: Fans will probably have to be quick and submit their pre-orders on time.

"Enjoy the most powerful, immersive, and compatible next-gen console experience with the freedom to play with your friends anytime, anywhere," says Microsoft. For the company, the new generation is the "most powerful, immersive and compatible console experience".

And Sony seems to be ahead of the game, at least when it comes to planning the release: Not only is the start time for pre-orders known, but also some of the dealers who will be offering the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S by name: fans will find what they are looking for at Amazon, Euronics, Media Markt (also in Austria and Switzerland), Saturn, GameStop, Cyberport, Expert, Digitech, Interdiscount, Otto, WoG or Gamesonly. Pre-orders are also possible in the Microsoft Store and at other, unspecified retailers.

With the next generation, Microsoft is really pushing the tube. Although the launch lineup leaves a lot to be desired, Sony is presenting - with a few exceptions such as Final Fantasy 16, Spider Man: Miles Morales or Harry Potter - but not necessarily more or even better games for the console launch. However, Microsoft has one advantage: You can successfully launch the Cloud gaming features for the Game Pass use advertising. While Sony acts true to the motto "We don't offer such a service package at such a low price", the Redmond company around Phil Spencer is busy collecting bonus points from the fans.

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