Microsoft and local retailers are now offering all those who have not yet been able to pre-order an Xbox Series X a new opportunity: A limited number of cardboard consoles, so-called papercraft models, are available from Media Markt and Saturn. Players can initially set up these at home and enjoy the sight - with the receipt they will then receive a real Xbox Series X on November 10th.

If you want to hold the Xbox Series X in your hands from day one, you now have another chance to get the coveted console. It is often sold out at retailers. Microsoft is now launching a campaign in cooperation with Media Markt / Saturn: From October 23, pre-order kits will be available in selected Media Markt and Saturn branches, which you can take home with you.

Cardboard Xbox Series X adds next-gen flair

The highlight: Inside there is an exclusive, true-to-scale papercraft model of the Xbox Series X made of cardboard, which you also have to put together yourself. So you can try out long before the release, where the console works best in the Haimian gaing room. From November 10th you can pick up a real console in the branch with the receipt.

The Xbox Series X pre-order kits are available nationwide in the following Media Markt and Saturn branches:

  • Media Markt Bad Dürrheim, Schwenninger Str. 38
  • Media Markt Belm-Osnabrück, Weberstr. 1
  • Media Markt Berlin-Mitte, Grunerstr. 20th
  • Media Markt Dortmund-Oespel, Wulfshof Str. 6-8
  • Media Markt Dresden-EKZ, Peschelstr. 39
  • Media Markt Eschweiler, Auerbachstr. 30th
  • Media Markt Essen, Gladbecker Str. 413
  • Media Markt Freiburg, Bettackerstr. 1-3
  • Media Markt Gütersloh, Vennstr. 40
  • Media Markt Heilbronn, Edisonstr. 5
  • Media Markt Ingolstadt, Eriagstr. 28
  • Media Markt Cologne-Hohe Strasse, Hohe Str. 121
  • Media Markt Cologne-Kalk, Vietorstr. 7th
  • Media Markt Krefeld, Blumentalstr. 151-155
  • Media Markt Leipzig, Paunsdorfer Allee 1
  • Media Markt Leipzig Höfe am Brühl, Brühl 1
  • Media Markt Magdeburg-Pfahlberg, Am Pfahlberg 7
  • Media Markt Munster, Robert-Bosch-Str. 2
  • Media Markt Oldenburg, Posthalterweg 15
  • Media Markt Paderborn, Pohlweg 110
  • Media Markt Porta Westfalica / Minden, Feldstr. 32
  • Media Markt Potsdam, Star Center 4
  • Media Markt Reutlingen, Unter den Linden 8
  • Media Markt Sulzbach, Main-Taunus-Center
  • Media Markt Ulm, Blaubeurer Str. 24
  • Media Markt Weiterstadt, Robert-Koch-Str. 18
  • Saturn Berlin-Alexanderplatz, Alexanderplatz 3
  • Saturn Berlin-Charlottenburg, Tauentzienstr. 9 Europa Center
  • Saturn Berlin-Köpenick, Elcknerplatz 8
  • Saturn Berlin-Leipziger Platz, Vossstr. 24
  • Saturn Berlin-Marzahn, Marzahner Promenade 1a
  • Saturn Berlin-Reinickendorf, Senftenberger Ring 15-17
  • Saturn Berlin-Spandau, Klosterstr. 3
  • Saturn Berlin-Steglitz, Treitschkestr. 7th
  • Saturn Berlin-Tegel, Kurt-Schumacher-Damm 1-15
  • Saturn Berlin-Treptow, Elsenstr. 111-114
  • Saturn Berlin-Wedding, Badstr. 4th
  • Saturn Braunschweig, square at the Knight's Fountain 1
  • Saturn Bremen, Papenstr. 5
  • Saturn Dessau, Franzstr. 85
  • Saturn Dortmund City, Westenhellweg 70-84
  • Saturn Dresden, Webergasse 1
  • Saturn Düsseldorf-Kö, Königsallee 56
  • Saturn East Side Mall, Tamara-Danz-Str. 11
  • Saturn Essen, Limbecker Platz 1a
  • Saturn Frankfurt-Zeil, Zeil 106-110
  • Saturn Hagen, Mittelstr. 20th
  • Saturn Hall, Leipziger Str. 94
  • Saturn Hamburg-Altstadt, Mönckebergstr. 1
  • Saturn Hanover, Ernst-August-Platz 3
  • Saturn Koblenz II, At the Römervilla 3
  • Saturn Cologne-Hohe Strasse, Hohe Str. 46-50
  • Saturn Cologne-Maybach, Maybachstr. 115
  • Saturn Leipzig Central Station, Willy-Brandt-Platz 5
  • Saturn Magdeburg, Ernst-Reuter-Allee 11
  • Saturn Munich IV, Neuhauser Str. 39
  • Saturn Munich-OEZ, Hanauer Str. 77
  • Saturn Munich-Riem, Willy-Brandt-Platz 5
  • Saturn Neckarsulm, Roetelstrasse. 33
  • Saturn Nuremberg, Vordere Ledergasse 30
  • Saturn Osnabrück, Kamp 50
  • Saturn Paderborn, Kamp 30-32
  • Saturn Potsdam, Babelsbergerstr. 4-6
  • Saturn Röhrsdorf, Ringstr. 3
  • Saturn Stuttgart, Königstr. 26th
  • Saturn Wuppertal, Neumarktstr. 1

Incidentally, the promotion only applies to stationary retail. The papercraft models are not available online. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to visit online retailers regularly in order to get hold of any remaining stock of the Xbox Series X, for example due to canceled orders.

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Sony PlayStation 5 Sony Playstation 5* 697,00 EUR


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