Regardless of whether video games or new consoles: official pre-order dates have so far been given, but some retailers seem to always see them as recommendations. Sometimes only hours, but sometimes days before the officially announced pre-order date, fans could reserve their hardware or games - and thus deprive some others of the chance to pre-order. Microsoft wants to prevent that when pre-ordering the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, or at least contain it.

On November 10th, both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will be launched to herald the new generation for fans of Microsoft's consoles. So that as many players as possible can be supplied with their consoles on time, both Xbox Series models can be pre-ordered from September 22nd. Microsoft announced that buyers should be able to strike from 9 a.m. on Tuesday morning - and are now doing everything to be able to keep the time.

Pre-order Xbox Series: Avoid Sony Chaos

It is not uncommon for retailers to activate their pre-orders well before the official date. There is not much that you can do as a manufacturer, but Microsoft apparently wants to intervene to contain it and has allegedly imposed penalties for something similar Preorder chaos like the Playstation 5 to avoid. Sony had apologized for this in the meantime.

Actually, the matter is clear: If Microsoft already specifies an exact pre-order date including start times for the various sales regions, then fans should also be able to rely on it. According to industry expert Geoff Keighley, Microsoft wants to impose penalties on retailers who start their pre-order campaigns before the set times. One of the means should therefore be an embargo, more precisely: a reduction in the quota for the sanctioned trader. Microsoft has not commented on this, but Keighley is considered a relatively reliable source for such information.

Not only Microsoft, but above all the fans hope that the pre-order phase for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S It will run more smoothly than with the Playstation 5. The threatened embargo does not provide security either, but it does increase the chances that retailers will actually adhere to the agreement in order to avoid financial damage.


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