The new Xbox is called Xbox Series X. Microsoft's Xbox boss Phil Spencer not only announced the name of the next-generation console at the Game Awards Show 2019, but also presented the design. The new Xbox seems to be more of a PC than a console, the look is arguable. The computing power should be right: the GPU will therefore be twice as fast as its predecessor, the Xbox One X. The release of the Xbox Series X is planned for the end of 2020. 

We only recently did that Microsoft discussed sleepy years in the console battle, now the company is kicking off the weekend with a bang: the new Xbox Series X was officially presented at the Game Awards Show 2019. Not only the name, but also the design are now known - along with some vague information about the likely performance. Microsoft presented the Xbox Series X to the public for the first time in a 4K trailer.

Xbox Series X: GPU speed doubled 

For a long time, the Xbox Series X was known as "Project Scarlett", now fans can finally name the next-generation console. Xbox boss Phil Spencer gave the first insights at the Game Awards and presented the console as the "fastest and most powerful console ever". However, because the time spans in the lifespan of consoles are limited, the marketing language can be translated more simply: The Xbox Series X has a lot of steam under the hood.

The Xbox Series X has now been presented to a global audience for the first time in a 4K trailer:

The design amazes. The Xbox Series X seems to be more of a PC than a console, but it is supposed to provide high computing power without loud operating noise. The console design that Phil Spence describes as "industrial" is responsible for this. The Xbox Series X will be able to be placed both horizontally and vertically.

The size of the new Xbox "block" can be guessed from the trailer. The Xbox Series X is about three times the height of an upright gamepad and about the width of a Microsoft controller. Considering the computing power, which Phil Spencer puts at four times faster than the Xbox One X, the overall design is slim. The look of the Xbox Series X is purely functional, Phil Spencer comments in an interview Gamespot

The name is supposed to reflect the evolution and history of the consoles. The promises are full-bodied: quadruple computing power, doubling of the GPU speed with the achievement of almost 12 teraflops including hardware-accelerated ray tracing, quiet operation - and of course backward compatibility with games, now three generations. Microsoft also wants to significantly reduce latencies with the Xbox Series X. Technologies such as Auto Low Latency or Dynamic Latency Input should guarantee that. It's no secret that Microsoft is also looking to cloud gaming with the Xbox Series X.

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If Microsoft delivers next year, the Xbox Series X could actually make the competition sweat. A resolution of up to 8K and a clock rate of 120 Hz should be possible, 4K runs at 60 FPS. The upgrade to GDDR6 and an NVMe SSD should also make the performance boost noticeable. Phil Spencer calls the Xbox Series X "the most powerful console Microsoft could make".

The associated wireless controller was also presented as part of the Xbox Series X presentation. The shape and size have been improved in detail, and a new share button should make it easier to take screenshots and clips. A highlight will probably be the D-Pad, which is inspired by the luxury Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. The new controller is included with every Xbox Series X and will also be compatible with Windows 10. A clever move to bring Xbox players and Windows PC gamers together in a more uncomplicated way - especially considering the development of the Game Pass for PC and Xbox.

Two games have also already been announced. The launch title next year will be Halo Infinite, and Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 was announced as a game for the Xbox Series X at the Game Awards.

Phil Spencer promises "the largest and most creative offering of exclusive Xbox games" in the history of the Xbox series. Microsoft could actually show off with exclusive games, after all no fewer than 15 developer studios now belong to the "Xbox Game Studios". According to the Xbox boss, developers and authors around the world are working on content for the Xbox Series X.

If everything goes well and Microsoft can keep to the schedule it has set itself, the Xbox Series X will be released at the end of 2020 ("Holiday 2020").

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