The Xbox Series X will be released this year, sometime around the Christmas season. There is still no exact date for the publication, but Microsoft has now put the official pre-order page online. Fans can register there with an e-mail address for notifications. The current release date is currently: "Coming Soon".

Due to the ongoing corona pandemic, numerous rumors are circulating that cast doubts about the appearance of the Xbox Series X later this year. Microsoft has not commented on this, but is now daring to take a step forward and activate the official pre-order area in the online store.

Xbox Series X: Preorder date not yet set

A pre-order for the Xbox Series X is not yet being accepted. Neither an exact release date is known, nor the planned price of the console. Fans can access the Online store page however, leave an email address in order to be informed of new details.

New information on the Xbox Series X is expected in July, when Microsoft will host another marketing event. According to rumors, an event could also be planned for the coming month, possibly in the second week of June. That was also a report by Jeff Grubb of GamesBeat* emerged. It could then be about the Xbox Series X itself and not the game lineup. There are already many details, including for Xbox Series X hardware known, but Microsoft has probably not revealed all features by a long way.


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In July, on the other hand, the focus will again be on the games that will be released parallel to the next-gen console or at least are planned for the Xbox Series X. Either way, there will be details on some of the first-party games being developed by Xbox Game Studios. Fans can expect gameplay sequences, information on the status of the development of some games and the latest announcements. Information will then also be available about titles that use the so-called smart delivery feature, the version of which will be upgraded for the Xbox Series X. This has been known since the last show xbox 20/20 already among other things for Assassin's Creed: Valhalla or Madden NFL.

Microsoft seems to be pursuing the goal of a release of the Xbox Series X for this year's holiday season, with the release of Halo: Infinite. In any case, all 15 Xbox Game Studios are working hard on the next-gen games and the Xbox Game Pass, which will also receive an update this year Project xCloud includes.

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