The endless wait for the Xbox Series X's price and release date to be revealed is finally over. Microsoft didn't drop the bomb, but insiders want to know more and reveal details.

After all, we know the price and release of the new generation Xbox. Twitter Acount xbox DACH has already registered and confirmed the price for the light version or XBox Series S.

Windowscentral confirms the Xbox Series X is priced at $ 499, relying on its trusted sources. Microsoft's financing model, Xbox All Access, allows you to finance the console at a monthly cost of USD 499. This is confirmed by our previous estimates that the Xbox Series X price will be 35 euros. Let's hope the speculation is over.

The Xbox Series S is also published by Windowscentral for cheaper smaller versions. The Xbox Series S is priced at $ 299. It is available with the Xbox All Access mini for $ 299 per month. In the past, the Xbox One was priced at 25 euros above the price of a PS499. The Xbox One also contains Kinect-shaped accessories.

Windowscentral has not only revealed the eagerly awaited price, but also the release date of the Xbox Series X. The Xbox Series X should appear on November 10th. The output time is already known, as is the case for ps5. This will be published in November 2020.

But not enough, as the Xbox Roof Twitter account confirmed the Windowscentral leak. The Xbox Series X will go on sale at a price of 299 euros. Whether it will be tweeted November 10th will not be revealed, but we will certainly get the full release of both points, price and release of both versions very soon.

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