The Xbox Series X offers around 1 terabyte of memory ex works. That sounds like a lot, but it should run out relatively quickly in view of the increasing memory hunger of modern games. Then it is necessary to either uninstall the games and download them again if necessary or to expand the SSD storage of the Xbox Series X via the additional slot. The latter could be quite an expensive proposition.

Microsoft announced a long time ago that it would work with storage experts Seagate. Now there is a first result in the form of an SSD storage expansion for the Xbox Series X. In the United States now appeared Best Buy a 1 TB SSD expansion to: at a price of around 220 US dollars, which corresponds to about 190 euros. For comparison: an external SSD hard drive for connection to the Xbox One or Playstation 4 costs less than 60 euros from Seagate.

Only Seagate storage supports fast load times

For comparison: an external SSD hard drive for connection to the Xbox One or Playstation 4 costs less than 60 euros from Seagate. For an original for the Xbox Series X, around three times the price is called. The base price of around $ 220 is particularly impressive when you compare it to the cost of the Xbox Series S, which is only around $ 80 more than a memory card.

The Seagate extension can be connected to both the Xbox Series X as well as on the Xbox Series S. Especially on the latter console, fans will probably have to resort to the additional hard drive more quickly, after all, the slimmed-down next-gen console only offers 512 gigabytes of storage - and as a purely digital edition without the option of at least partially calling up data via a drive. With the Xbox Series S, gamers rely on memory-intensive downloads.

The small, purely digital version of the Xbox Series has half the memory of its "big brother":

Particularly nasty: Seagate's SSD expansion is said to be the only one that fully supports the Xbox Velocity architecture. The maximum reduction in loading times is only available with the products from the cooperation between Microsoft and Seagate, at least that's the current status. Even nastier: All for the Xbox Series X and Xbox series s Optimized titles require the Velocity architecture, so only Seagate's official SSD extensions are compatible with the games.

Players will have to wait and see whether it will actually stay at the declared price of around US $ 220 in the end. As the release of the consoles is approaching, the price screw may also be turned. At the moment, however, it looks as if additional SSD storage for Microsoft's next-gen consoles will be extremely expensive.

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