The Xbox Series X has been on the market for a few days, here and there players report more or less minor errors or bugs; a problem with the drive is also reported to occur in some cases. Now, however, reports are making the rounds about errors that allegedly make the Xbox Series X completely useless. In the official Microsoft support forum, the corresponding post already has over 650 responses.

For Microsoft, the launch of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S is the largest launch in the company's history. Now, however, players are allegedly facing a critical bug that is supposed to render the power console completely useless. Like a fan in official Microsoft support forum reports, his console simply switches off after a few seconds of loading time after starting the game. Reinstalling games or resetting the console to factory settings does not help, explains the user.

Xbox Series X: Error post gets many responses

From a purely technical point of view, the Xbox Series X can do more than the Playstation 5, but there are currently no titles worth mentioning as draft horses. Nevertheless, Microsoft's flagship is selling and the first user reports are mostly positive.

Occasionally, however, gamers also report errors: For example, the Xbox Series X drive is said to cause problems in one case. It has allegedly hit some users much worse whose consoles cause a crash error that allegedly makes the Xbox Series X unusable. In the meantime, several fans have reported similar problems in the corresponding help thread.

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They claim that the Xbox Series X turns itself off when you try to load a game. Then the console should perform a cold start.

If these reports are confirmed, the problem with the Xbox Series X could be serious. So far it is unclear whether this problem actually exists and how widespread the alleged bug is. At the moment it seems unclear what could cause the alleged crashes: Some users recommend providing the best possible ventilation, while other players state that it could not be because they have already ruled out that.

Incidentally, so far there is no real proof of the error described in the Xbox Series X.

During our The Xbox Series X ran smoothly during gaming sessions, quietly and at a low working temperature - even after hours of continuous play.

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