Doom Eternal is coming to Game Pass. For fans, Microsoft's shopping tour already seems to be paying off: As the company has announced, Bethesda's first-person shooter will be available for subscription services for Xbox and PC as early as October.

Since the purchase by Microsoft, it has long been clear to the developer studios that the Bethesda titles would gradually find their way into the Game Pass. Now follows the first big hit with which Microsoft can significantly strengthen its game subscription: Doom Eternal will be part of Game Pass from October, initially for Xbox, "soon" also in Game Pass for PC, according to Microsoft.

Doom Eternal: Great first-person shooter

The shooter developed by id Software has continued the series with a title that has been acclaimed by fans and critics. The fight against nasty hell bugs continues: In Doom Eternal, players slip into the armor of the Doom slayer. With its unstoppable power, they pursue the mission to destroy hell and save humanity. Sounds like fun and a challenge? It is. Mainly because the Doom Eternal reflects on the strengths of the series: powerful, upgradeable weapons, grenades and abilities that turn the Doom Slayer into a merciless one-man army.

There will be even more Doom experience from mid-October:

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The release of Doom Eternal comes after the Microsoft purchases Bethesda not entirely unselfish, because the story is far from over with the basic game. It continues in Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part 1. The title will be available from October 20th in the Xbox Store. Microsoft could thus significantly boost sales and thus economize in its own pocket.

The new task goes well beyond saving humanity: the legions of hell have devastated heaven and threaten the dimensions. Players fight their way to the epicenter of danger and decide the fate of the cosmos!

Doom Eternal will be available on October 1st in Xbox Game Pass and soon in Xbox Game Pass for PC.

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