The Xbox party took place for the launch of the Xbox Series X | S via live stream, including drone action in the Cologne night sky. "Power your dreams" is the motto that Microsoft has proclaimed. And fans are currently dreaming – among other things, that they will even get one of the next-gen consoles. The Xbox Series X, in particular, appears to continue to be a rare commodity at retailers. 

The Xbox Series is here! - and somehow not. On the launch day of Microsoft's next-gen console, fans have a lot of feelings: from joy to frustration to perplexity. The latter mainly because it seems unclear at some retailers at the moment when a console will actually arrive at home.

Xbox Series X: Pre-ordering will be a test of patience

Amazon had warned presenters many times, the Xbox Series X can find their way to the recipients with a slight delay, corresponding messages are currently widely shared on social media. The late delivery is not certain, even if the shipment has not even been confirmed in the order details. Some fans have already received their consoles, although the order status says otherwise. A bit of chaos is there on the day of the premiere, not necessarily unusual.

The situation is much more annoying for fans who were hoping to get new contingents for the Xbox Series X | S could pre-order on launch day. Gamestop announced that Xbox Series consoles can be reserved online and in stores from November 10th; these should then be delivered by December 7th. At least online, the more powerful Xbox Series X is not available, but the light version is.

In the meantime, the large online retailers seem to have repeatedly offered smaller quantities of copies for pre-order, but these were sold out within minutes. For impatient fans, the F5 button mashing could well be worthwhile.

A similar picture emerges at Amazon: The Xbox Series X | is doing well there too It's pretty rare. At Saturn and Mediamarkt, you can at least pack the consoles into the virtual shopping cart, but it remains unclear when delivery will take place. The delivery will presumably take place from November 19th, that was the state of affairs in the meantime.

If you don't have a console yourself, you can at least watch while unpacking:

Some fans seem particularly unfortunate to have been hit. For example, the US website Kotaku reports* of the fact that customers should have received an email from Amazon shortly before the launch day, in which it was announced that the console could only be launched later in November or even December.

At the moment it seems like you can party properly if you already have an Xbox Series X in your living room.

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