The mobile trading card and wrestling game “WWE SuperCard”, from the developer Cat Daddy Games, a 2K studio, is entering season 7. The brand new WarGames event “3-Ring-Chaos” is also in the bag. The event, which can be downloaded for free, is a solo game variant that offers exciting rewards, an individually selectable game pace, cool fights and a mysterious monster crab. As always, the legendary Superstars of WWE history will be there.

In the mobile game WWE SuperCard, players collect wrestling legends in the form of digital trading cards. The brightly colored wrestler cards not only look stylish, they also serve to create a sophisticated combat deck. The wrestlers in card form can be used in various WWE modes, events and features such as PVP and team fights. In WWE SuperCard's PvP matches, players enter the ring with their decks against other players in real time. You can find yourself in that Player versus player battle also join forces with another teammate to form a tricky team.

WWE SuperCard: trading card wrestling in real time

Well-known WWE stars are part of the popular trading card game: from Ric Flair to Stone Cold-Steve Austin and The Rock to Undertaker, but also modern wrestlers like Asuka, Becky Lynch, Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe and The Fiend-Bray Wyatt, are ready to compete in the tough card ring. With the Season 7 WarGames event “3-Ring-Chaos”, the SuperCard universe expands once again. The wrestling game has already offered its players some innovations in the past. The update for the app game is available for download. Those interested can find it in the Apple App Store, for iOS devices including iPhone and iPad, in the Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore, for Android devices and on Facebook Gaming.

Season 7 WarGames Event “3-Ring-Chaos” starts solo event

The free update for Season 3 of WWE SuperCard has been available in the app stores since Thursday, December 7rd. The WarGames event with the promising name 3-Ring-Chaos challenges its players to be the wrestling star who maintains control of the fight in three rings over three rounds. During the 3-ring chaos, the mobile wrestlers encounter different types of match, which put their skills and the composition of their deck to the test. After each round of combat, the player with the most cards receives ring points.

After three rounds of chaos, the player who has collected the most points wins. The game is played at an individually selectable tempo. As the players hone their WWE tactics match after match, exciting rewards are hailing at regular intervals. According to a press release from 2K Games, a gigantic monster crab plays another major role in the WarGame event. What exactly is it?, let the players find out for themselves.


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As a bonus of the event, WWE SuperCard players can also pick up a free card pack from the in-game store. This offer is only valid during the login period from Tuesday 3rd December to Thursday 10th December. The card pack contains an Adam Cole Cataclysm card, a WarGames card back, 1.000 SuperCoins and 25 draft picks.

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