WWE SuperCard celebrates the Summer Slam with a new tier of cards, a new game mode and exclusive rewards. The Biggest Celebration of Summer has a chance to earn rewards in Reward Mania and the new Summer Slam '21 card tier.

2K today announced the release of the SummerSlam '21 card tier and the launch of the returning limited-time game mode, RewardMania, in WWE SuperCard, the trading card fighting game from Cat Daddy Games.

Summer Slam: The biggest festival of summer

The new card tier includes over 60 new cards featuring past and current WWE Superstars like Roman Reigns, The Rock, John Cena, Charlotte Flair, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Rey Mysterio, Sasha Banks and more.

With Reward Mania, epic rewards find their way into the ring: Players can earn reward coupons on the draft board or through card packages and thus take part in time-limited events. The duration of the reward mania can vary.

The events take place at set intervals and there are a variety of prizes to be won. When an event starts, players have a limited amount of time to earn reward coupons - so be ready at all times. The first event starts on August 25th, to coincide with SummerSlam.

To celebrate this year's WWE SuperCard Summer Slam, players can also look forward to the return of John Cena and his limited-time redeemable Summer of Cena gift, which consists of four John Cena cards, 500 Super Coins, and a SummerSlam '21 card back.

For more information on WWE SuperCard and 2K, visit official website of the game, as a fan on Facebook, on Twitter and Instagram or as a subscriber on YouTube. WWE SuperCard requires iOS 11.0 or later operating system on iOS devices, including iPhone and iPad, and Android 4.2.1 or later operating system on Android devices. The app includes optional in-app purchases.

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