“Hulkamania is running wild, Brother”, the Hulkster would probably exclaim after discovering Ravensburger's new card game. WWE Royal Rumble - The Card Game offers just that: Royale wrestling action featuring many of the most popular athletes from one of the still popular entertainment sports. Ravensburger had announced the card game in the USA because it is sold through Amazon, among other things, so fans can bring the card game to Germany.

The WWE Royal Rumble - The Card Game should be available from major US retailers on July 26th. Fan expects the legendary action of a Royal Rumble match, but as a card game version. The premise remains the same: two to ten players get into the ring, in the end only one can win.

From Macho Man to Lex Luger - flatten them all!

One probably shouldn't expect an in-depth strategy card game when putting WWE Royal Rumble - The Card Game on the table. Pure entertainment, on the other hand, is what wrestling has stood for for decades. 30 WWE legends have made it into the sky-blue playing cards: from “Macho Man” Randy Savage to the Ultimate Warrior to Jake's “The Snake” Roberts, all those athletes who today’s late thirties cheered in their childhood days are there.

The game principle is roughly based on the annual sports spectacle: The greatest wrestlers come together to choose their Royal Rumble Champ. This is done through a persistent fight in which more and more wrestlers get into the ring - and stay there if they want to win. Whoever flies over the top ring rope is out. The card game is aimed at two to ten players, so it is quite suitable for large groups.

Players step into the ring with one of a total of 30 warriors. Photo rights: Ravensburger

Players step into the ring with one of a total of 30 warriors. Photo rights: Ravensburger

Everyone chooses their favorite from the available athletes. With the help of the cards in hand, the actions are triggered, which of course range from simple attacks to special moves by the wrestlers. Let macho man fly from the top ring post towards opponents with his Flying Elbow Drop? "Sky's the limit and space is the place!"

You defend yourself in the same way or play damage boosters, such as a chair or a ladder - for beating on it, of course. Wrestlers who are kicked out of the ring will be removed from the game and replaced with a new opponent. Whoever stands alone in the ring at the end has won.

The price of WWE Royal Rumble - The Card Game is around 20 dollars in the US, or around 18 euros.

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