If you smeeeell… what the rock is cooking? Shortly before Wrestlemania with The Rock, Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin, three wrestling legends are in the ring to whet the appetite for the party and you think it couldn't get any better, publisher 2K Games hits a first teaser WWE 2K22 out. The message: the series is back after a year-long hiatus! 

Fans had to be strong when 2K Games announced the popular wrestling series WWE 2K was on hold. The time-out was necessary there, the series never moved from the playful point of view. Now the publisher is back with a first teaser - and it suggests that the wait might actually be worth it.

Wrestling: Finally simulation again

To bridge the gap, 2K Games brought with them WWE 2K Battlegrounds published an arcade knockout in wrestling guise, which was - as some fans had arrived in advance - not a letdown, but surprisingly good. The game is available for Xbox One, PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia. Nevertheless, the longing for a more simulation-heavy wrestling match was always present.

And the way Rey Mysterio hits Cesaro in the teaser, one might think in view of the first moving images: It's good that the series is back!


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In the teaser, 2K Games shows a “work in progress” build of the sports game, so it remains to be seen whether WWE 2K22 will actually find itself on the screens with exactly this look. However, further information should not be so long in coming, 2K stated in a Twitter post that they wanted to share news “soon”.

After all, the publisher has revealed another piece of information: The motto of the new wrestling offshoot is “It's different” - it's different. What exactly is meant by that? Nobody knows, but it could mean a departure from the clearly noticeable loss of quality in the previous parts. Because the 2021 version had to take a break, WWE 2K2020 was the last offshoot of the main series - and it was anything but successful. The ratings on Metacritic are underground. Bugs and monetization were two of many weak points.

WWE 2K2022 therefore needs more than a refresher, the game would have to be completely revised and improved, at best redesigned. Perhaps that is exactly what 2K Games wanted to announce with “It's different”? Fans hope for it.

WWE 2K 2022 is now a bit like an aging wrestling star. Either creates the comeback or he disappears from the ring forever.

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