If you smell what the Rock is cooking? Slowly it actually smells like a release at WWE 2K22. Publisher 2K is already celebrating the reboot of the wrestling series in less than a month. A new gameplay trailer is now heating up fans for the start. It features a ton of familiar faces from the franchise.

The Rock, Undertaker, Rey Miysterio jr - they and many other wrestling stars stand for the proclaimed motto "It hits different" in this year's reboot of the WWE 2K sports game series from publisher 2K. The developers want to have learned from the mistakes of the past and are now venturing onto the market with graphic fireworks.

Abundant gameplay: Entrances and ring scenes

From the revamped gameplay engine to the new controls and enhanced graphics, WWE 2K22 looks, feels and plays differently, in short, it hits different. Coupled with some of the most spectacular graphics the WWE 2K series has ever seen, the engine enables an "unprecedented level of realism," the makers of the wrestling video game promise.

A new gameplay trailer now gets fans in the mood for the release of WWE 2K22 on March 11th. You can see tons of entrance sequences of the franchise faces, and the makers also present plenty of action in and off the ring. The new edition is not only supposed to be great visually, fine-tuning has also been done in terms of play: the superstars should be easier and more direct to control; their movements should flow into each other more fluently and more precisely - which means something like: more control over the battle.

The adjustments to the object physics also fit in with this. Kendo sticks splinter, tables and corner barricades collapse dynamically - this should make the match experience even more authentic. And: Strategic defensive commands such as blocking, dodging and breaker apparently turn the fights into more than just brawls.

Not only is there a choice in the WWE Stars, but also in the game modes of WWE 2K22. Popular game modes included include the returning 2K Showcase, this time starring Rey Mysterio, where new features and updates will allow fans to relive the big moments in Mysterio's most iconic matches. In MyRISE, players chart their own path to superstardom. With Universe Mode and the enhanced Creation Suite, WWE 2K22 offers the ability to customize the WWE experience down to the last detail: take control of brands, major live events, match scores, rivalries and more, or create the ultimate custom Superstar personality and create arenas and championships. And all of this can be shared with the global WWE 2K22 community, for the first time ever, across platforms.

Additionally, WWE 2K22 brings two new modes to the WWE 2K series: MyGM and MyFRACTION. In MyGM, players take the reins to build the most successful brand in the WWE Universe as a WWE General Manager. They must assemble the ultimate roster of WWE Superstars and Legends to enable legendary rivalries and championship showdowns, and prove themselves on the big stages of sports-entertainment. The brand new MeineFRAKTION mode lets you manage your dream faction with weekly events and regular updates to ensure plenty of challenge and replayability.


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