It has long been known that the publisher will continue the main series of the wrestling simulation game. So far, however, a release for WWE 2K22 is not known - in a recently published video by the developers there is still no information, but at least the devs show in a social media series what is behind the game's development. 

WWE 2K22's Creative Director, Lynell Jinks, joins the new series. The one-minute long teaser does not reveal much, but it is already clear that the developers will let fans take a look behind the scenes. A new series of social media content will continuously document the current status of production.

Transparent development process at WWE 2K22

Publisher 2K and Visual Concepts share first impressions of the development process of the upcoming video game WWE 2K22. The first video message can already be found as part of an ongoing series of cross-platform content on the official Twitter and Instagram channels of the WWE 2K22 developer, with further publications to follow in the coming weeks.

The new offshoot from the main series of wrestling sports games with one was announced Teaser trailer during Wrestlemania. The game was officially confirmed, but no release date was given. “It hits different” is the proclaimed motto, which among other things - probably especially fans hope that - could indicate that the series could take a new path. In view of the unsuccessful last part, that even seems necessary. Amazingly, the game was bridging and rather action-heavy WWE 2K Battlegrounds a little surprise success.


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With the video series, the Visual Concepts team wants to provide transparent insights into the work that will ultimately lead to a WWE 2K22 experience and “will make the series even stronger,” the message confidently states. There should be regular updates in the coming weeks, covering numerous elements of the game, including character models, arena designs, motion capturing, facial scanning, audio files, material textures and more. There wasn't much to see in the short first teaser - apart from the fact that the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair can be seen.

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