With WWE 2K22, Publisher 2K brings the wrestling series into the next round. After a break, fans will soon be able to get back into the ring with their favorite wrestlers. The game comes later than fans might have hoped, however. 

Publisher 2K usually publishes the offshoots of the series in October - but not this year. Fans who were hoping to play the new wrestling game WWE 2K22 this fall will probably be disappointed. The series will only start again in March 2022.

WWE 2K22: Developers take their time

It's been a little longer since the last offshoot of the WWE 2K series hit the shelves - and fans will have to wait a little longer for the restart that has already been announced. Only from spring 2022 will it be called “It hits different” - that is when the release of WWE 2K22 should take place. During the Summerslam, Publisher 2K announced the release period.

Instead of this fall, the game will be on the shelves with a “delay” - some fans will probably be disappointed, others will happily accept the extended waiting time, after all, the restart of the series should at best result in the game being its Strengths from back then rediscovered. However, there is not much information about the game. Which modes WWE 2K22 will contain is just as unknown as the cover star or other details, such as the athletes included. At least some of them can already be seen in the new trailer for WWE 2K22.

Most recently, Publisher 2K had published a genre representative of poor quality, WWE 2K20. The start of the game was a disaster, numerous bugs spoiled the fun for fans. Even patches couldn't prevent the title from falling through with players. Ultimately, the gameplay also struggled with problems. As a consequence, 2K took a break for the series - it ended with WWE 2K22. In the meantime you had with WWE 2K Battlegrounds launched an arcade offshoot - and it was really good.

WWE 2K22 aims to reconcile fans with the wrestling franchise. Ultimately, it is therefore a good thing that publishers and developers do not allow themselves to be rushed into an early release.

Meanwhile, the new trailer, which shows the superstars in action, provides a bit of entertainment:


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