Starting today, 2K will be releasing frequent updates for the wrestling game WWE 2K Battlegrounds. It includes new Legendary WWE Superwrestlers, customization items, and new arenas, among others. Perhaps one of the highlights is that acclaimed WWE fans “Laheem” Lillard and footballer Gronkster will be part of the WWE video game, alongside Hall of Famers like Macho Man and Rhea Ripley.

Today, Monday, November 23rd, 2K announced the content of the new update for the video game WWE 2K Battlegrounds. Not only the two world-famous WWE fans will be part of the update, there will also be 17 new types of customization objects, five exciting arenas and some brand new WWE Superstars for fans of the wrestling game.

Wrestling update brings hot content

Fan celebrities and top athletes "Laheem" ​​Lillard and Gronkster are known to most players for their WWE actions. Lillard has partnered with Adidas and wrestler Ric Flair for a special edition 'Dame 7' shoe. The NBA 2K21 cover athlete insists on competing in the WWE 2K Battlegrounds game in white and gold Adidas Dame 7 “Ric Flair” boots.

Gronkster has been part of WWE Wrestle Mania events several times and has fought for the WWE 24/7 Championship. Two different combat robes are available for this brand new game wrestler, including the outfit he wore at Wrestle-Mania 33, consisting of a white top and red shorts, as well as a blue-black animal print jacket that he wore, when he successfully competed in the 24/7 Championship at Wrestle-Mania 36. Both professional athletes are playable from today.

Professional athletes, new cosmetics, and arenas are coming with the WWE update

The updates to WWE 2K Battlegrounds will be released in stages. 2K announced precise information on the content in today's press release. The following Hall of Famers, arenas and content are to be activated:

Monday 23 November *

  • Haunted House Arena (Unlocked);

Tuesday, November 24th *

  • Gronkster (unlocked);
  • Male Man Randy Savage;
  • Undertaker - American Badass Outfit;
  • Thanksgiving Arena (Unlocked);
  • Undertaker 30th Anniversary Arena;

Wednesday, December 2nd *

  • "Laheem" ​​Lillard (unlocked);
  • Rhea Ripley (Unlocked);
  • The Boogeyman;
  • Halloween Circus Arena;
Football star Gronkster at WWE 2K Battlegrounds! Image: 2K

Football star Gronkster at WWE 2K Battlegrounds! Image: 2K

Wednesday, December 9nd *

  • Billie Kay (Unlocked);
  • Kane;
  • andrade;
  • Survivor Series Arena;

Wednesday, December 16nd *

  • Buddy Murphy (Unlocked);
  • Peyton-Royce;

*The dates can still be postponed.

Attention: Some stars and cosmetic content must be unlocked using in-game currency (bucks). This can be earned or purchased. Edge was already available as a pre-order bonus and is included in the Digital Deluxe Edition of WWE 2K Battlegrounds.

The wrestling video game WWE 2K Battlegrounds offers its players a lot of action and an exciting selection of power-ups, special moves, weird melee objects and combat environments. The game is played in an arcade style, which not only has the potential to please WWE veterans.

If you want to find out more about the wrestling game, take a look at ours now Game test for WWE 2K Battlegrounds!

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