WWE 2K Battlegrounds gets its first roster update and with it some new wrestlers. As announced by publisher 2K Games, starting November 6th, fans will be able to get in the ring with the additional athletes and bang their heads in the fast-paced, entertaining bouts. 2K Games' WWE 2K Battlegrounds is a little surprise: Actually more of a bridging for the revival of the WWE 2K series, Battlegrounds has blossomed into an insider tip for fans. Why? Because it's fun!

Numerous WWE Superstars, including real legends of the acting sport as well as Hall of Famers, announce themselves for the coming weeks; there are also new customization objects. There are wrestling greats like Goldberg, Batista or the Ultimate Warrior, but also athletes like Lita. It starts on November 6th.

Lots of new legends

Publisher 2K Games announced that the upgrade will be available on Friday, with the first of several roster updates: It includes ten WWE Superstars and 20 customization items that bring new content to WWE 2K Battlegrounds. The game is catching on, too we were surprised by the fun fightsthat ultimately offer more than just shallow comic books.

Spectacular moves, plenty of action and a large selection of power-ups, specials, unconventional melee objects and interactive environments make WWE 2K Battlegrounds an entertaining arcade-style fighting game. It is aimed at hardcore WWE fans as well as casual gamers.

Goldberg will also be available at WWE 2K Battlegrounds - and the legendary athlete quickly shouldered The Rock. Image: 2K

Goldberg will also be available at WWE 2K Battlegrounds - and the legendary athlete quickly shouldered The Rock. Image: 2K

With future content, which 2K wants to add regularly, amusement should always be provided. Over 50 more superstars and cosmetic objects should be available in the coming months, each update also contains a selection of arena customization objects for superstars and battlegrounds such as outfits, face painting, arena designs or color samples.

The following Superstars, Legends and Hall of Famers will find their way into WWE 2K Battlegrounds via automatic updates, some of which must be unlocked:

  • Friday, November 6th: Goldberg; Batista; Jey Uso (unlocked); Jimmy Uso (Unlocked)
  • Wednesday November 11th: Ultimate Warrior; Eddie Guerrero (Unlocked); Lita (unlocked)
  • Wednesday November 18: Trish Stratus; Booker T; Ruby Riott (Unlocked).

The dates are not final and can still change, but the big timetable is in place.

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