Phalanx Games, the publisher mostly stands for strategic board games with a war theme - also Race to Rhine - keep'em Rolling ranks accordingly. The publisher wants to finance the new version of the board game 2014: Race to Rhine, which was released in 1944, via crowdfunding on Kickstarter, as well as the new edition of U-Boot that will then start. It should start on April 4th. 

You can make a note of Phalanx Games' new Kickstarter campaign already. The publisher is launching two Redux versions of World War II-themed board games: Race to the Rhine: Keep'em Rolling and U-Boot: The Board Game. Both titles are scheduled for delivery in the fourth quarter of 2022.

New versions of "old" war games

Race to the Rhine: Keep'em Rolling is a new version of the board game 2014 already released in 1944; Race to Rhine by the authors Jaro Andruszkiewicz (including Hannibal & Hamilcar), Waldek Gumienny (including Race to Moscow), and Yves Roig. The game has been fundamentally redesigned and some of the visuals have been redesigned. Instead of three players, as before, four can now take part in a game; the solo mode is retained. The fourth player takes on the role of Generals Jacob L. Devers and Alexander M. Patch commanding the Allied landings in Provence, France. The solo campaign takes place on a separate game board and in Brittany, then in the role of General Troy Middleton.

Phalanx Games describes the title as a Euro board game, in which different aspects of the war are treated thematically - such as logistics, supply and troop movements. The aim of the game: to reach the Rhine on the German border before the opponents.

Also included will be the Red Ball Express expansion, which will soften the game's luck factor and add new game elements, such as bad weather conditions.

Restart also for U-Boot

A few years ago, Phalanx triggered a bit of hype with the cooperative real-time war game U-Boot - now the title is returning as part of the publisher's Redux campaign. One to four players take on different roles of a submarine crew in the board game and then complete different missions using the companion app. It's about tactics and strategy, but above all about the right interaction between the individual crew members.

Each player has different tasks in the asymmetrical gameplay concept. The captain, the first officer, the navigator and the chief engineer are available. Players not only have to act in a team, but also control their own submarine area and crew members at the same time - this is possible using a worker placement mechanism.

The heart of the board game is the accompanying app - without it, U-Boot as a board game doesn't work. Even if the technical component is clear, the title mainly takes place on the table. A campaign as well as individual combat missions or skirmishes can be played.

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