After Blizzard Entertainment started the second phase of WoW Classic in mid-November, fans can look forward to the next phase: Phase 3 of World of Warcraft - Classic will start in early 2020. Content for PvP and PvE will then be offered. With the exception of the battlefields - according to the latest statements in the official forum, they will come as early as December. 

The honor system is now available at WoW Classic as well as the world bosses Azuregos and Kazzak. PvP battles in particular are currently causing frustration and joy at the same time: while groups of players cheeringly roam the game world to fight opponents of the opposing faction, this is exactly what disturbs those players who do not grant any honor points after their death and therefore only do a kind of "collateral damage". " are. The developers at Blizzard Entertainment have also noticed this and adjusted their release plan for the third phase of WoW Classic accordingly. 

WoW Classic: Third phase brings an extensive content package

In phase 3, fans of PvP and PvE alike will be offered new content. The PvP battlegrounds "Alterac Valley" and "Warsong Gulch" will start - albeit earlier than originally planned. The reason for this is the escalating PvP battles in the middle level areas: Players from level 40 are prevented from questing to an extent that is difficult to bear even for real PvP servers. Criticism is loud in the forums, Blizzard responds. The two PvP battlefields will therefore already be unlocked in the second week of December. This is intended to shift the focus of player-vs-player battles to the zones designed for that purpose. It's easy to explain why this will work: Honor is simply easier to farm on the battlefields.

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Both battlefields are oriented differently. While Alterac Valley is about mass battles between two 40-man armies, each of which must defeat the opposing leader, Warsong Gulch is all about the capture the flag mode. One of the 20-man teams then has to score three times in order to win the match.

By the way, Alterac Valley is not completely "classic": The battlefield is based on the version from Patch 1.12. There is no Korrak the Bloodthirsty, nor do enemies drop bones or teeth. Blizzard had already turned the level of difficulty at this point. There are fewer NPCs and the map's neuralgic points are better distributed.

Community manager Kaivax spoke in the official forum. Screenshot: Blizzard forum

Community manager Kaivax spoke in the official forum. Screenshot: Blizzard forum

The information is official: Community manager Kaivax commented on the current situation in the forum and also confirmed the earlier start of the battlefields. At the same time the elemental invasions will start in the Kalimdor. In Azshara, Un'goro, Silithus and Winterspring, elementals appear in bulk - and their leaders too. So if you want to farm essences, you wanted to make a note of the start.

The Darkmoon Fair is coming

The Darkmoon Fair is finally celebrating its debut. As soon as phase 3 has started in WoW Classic, opponents can drop Darkmoon cards as loot anywhere in the game world. These can then be combined in order to exchange complete sets for powerful pieces of jewelry. The Darkmoon Fair is therefore not only interesting for those players who are looking for something to do. 

Blackwing Lair provides access to T2 class sets

Onyxia and Ragnaros are defeated. It's time for the next raid tier. With the third phase, players in WoW Classic gain access to the T2 class sets, which are known to be available in Blackwing Lair. No less important: In the "Black Wing Lair" (BWL) the elementium ore also drops, which can be processed into bars in order to then produce the legendary weapon "Thunderfury - Blessed Blade on the Windseeker". 

Fireclaw, the untamed: Even the first boss left many groups of players in despair. Screenshot: André Volkmann

Fire Claw: Even the first boss left many groups of players in despair. Screenshot: André Volkmann

Not only are dragons the main theme in Blackwing Lair, they are also the main antagonists. The total of eight bosses naturally also drop better items. Players can look forward to epic encounters, including those against Brood Guard Dreschbringer or Chromaggus, which should awaken memories of successes - and lots of wipes.

And the story is pushed a long way, after all, Nefarian, Deathwing's eldest son, is the final boss of the then current 40-man raid tier.

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