The World War II board game Wings of Glory is scheduled to be released as a digital version for PC and as a mobile game on July 21st. The game about air battles in the First and Second World Wars is implemented by Dire Wolf, the makers of Root Digital, among others. The original game is from Areas Games.

Exciting dogfights with small miniature planes - that's not only possible with spaceships in Star Wars: X-Wing. Areas Games converted the idea to World War I and World War II and, with Wings of Glory, created a brand for lovers of historical board games. Now the title is making a name for itself again: A digital adaptation of the board game is being released for PC and mobile devices.

Wings of Glory digital: News from the root makers

Responsible for the adaptation is Dire Wolf, a studio that is now experienced when it comes to digital board games. Previously, Leder Games' Root had been successfully implemented and further developed. The idea of ​​the digital version of Wings of Glory stays true to the original: players slip into the roles of fighter pilots in World War I and II and rake in miniatures. In Wings of Glory, players assemble a fleet from a variety of aircraft, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. This works with the trick known from other games about a pool of points per troop or fleet formation. The planes are also flown by pilots, for whom points are also to be spent. This combination results in expanded tactics in detail when compiling.

In Wings of Glory, crossplay should be possible from the start. It's about entertaining tactical battles under fixed rules of movement and using different weapon systems and additional skills. Whoever could blow all of the opponent's planes out of the sky wins.

Dire Wolf also uses the advantages of digital board games for Wings of Glory. The game will have a solo mode where you can compete against the artificial intelligence. You can improve your skills in twelve different challenges. The basic idea of ​​the gameplay is based on the original: The fighter planes are controlled by playing cards from your hand - the rest is tactics and forward-looking planning. Originally co-designed by Andrea Angiolino and Pier Giorgio Paglia, the Wings of Glory Starter Set was published by Ares Games. The digital version of Wings of Glory Wolf is another entry in the Dire Wolf Digital portfolio for games like Root, Räuber der Nordsee or Sagrada.

As part of the beta of Gameboard knows the game be tried out now. The full version for PC and mobile devices will be released on July 21, then via Steam, among other places.

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