The next expansion for World of Warcraft has been announced. To be more precise: The next expansion after Shadowlands. Game Director Ion Hazzikostas himself commented on a post in the official US forum and briefly announced the small sensational message in a bracketed insert. Hardly anyone would have believed that the story of the World of Warcraft would already come to an end, but now it is at least certain that the MMO still has a future after Shadowlands.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has not even been released - on the contrary: the release of the expansion has only recently been postponed to an indefinite time this year - Game Director Ion Hazzikostas already has some exciting information ready. Actually he had the US forum only commented on one post that was about the use of pact capabilities outside of the world of Shadowlands - and suddenly the next expansion, the one after Shadowlands, is in the conversation.

World of Warcraft has a future after Shadowlands

So it can go, sometimes the essential information is hidden between the lines or, as in this case, in a bracket: “Pacts are the heart of Shadowlands, but when the next expansion appears (yes there will be)… ”, So Hazzikostas in the forum. This means that the future for the MMORPG has at least been extended by a new extension.

Basically, the article was about the new pact abilities, which were limited to the game world of the Shadowlands in the beta, which should be changed again. And by the way, the Game Director is fueling the fans' hope that the story for World of Warcraft will not end after Shadowlands. Sure, this is not an official confirmation, but the subordinate clause indirectly indicates that Blizzard has at least mentally dealt with a new expansion.

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The probability that a ninth expansion will come onto the market has increased more than significantly. When is the time? There is no evidence of this. However, if Blizzard adheres to its previous cycle, a new ad-on could be expected around the end of 2022, which is pure speculation. After all, Shadowlands could also run significantly longer than the previous expansions. There is also no indication of a possible setting.

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