World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is about to be released, level squish and class changes have long since arrived on the live servers. And the pre-event also provides some occupation with daily tasks. The most obvious changes, however, affect the level phase itself: Instead of having to beat your hero up to level 120 over the course of many hours, the quest grind now ends at level 50, ten more levels will be added with the release of the new expansion. The developers have implemented a kind of “speed leveling” in the core of the player: You make rapid progress, that has many advantages. So does fast leveling mean more fun? 

With World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, Blizzard dares to turn away from the constant level increase, which is also available in the new expansion, but the basic structure has been compressed before - a smart move, as it turns out after a few hours of play. The reason for this is simple: instead of having to follow the same story thread over and over again, you can choose.

World of Warcraft: To the max level in record time

Anyone who has been playing World of Warcraft for many years knows the eternal grind up to the maximum level: Create a character and you are faced with the never-ending flood of quests and side quests, countless of which have to be completed Hero character reaches the desired level 120 at the end. What accompanies the player? The always the same story that greets you like a marmot every day. That tires, eventually bores. Breeding a twink is more like work than fun. Instead of quests, players instead rely on the dungeon grind in order to progress as quickly as possible.

Create twink, then the eternal quest grind followed - until now! Source: Spielpunkt

Create twink, then the eternal quest grind followed - until now! Source: Spielpunkt

With World of Warcraft: Shadowlands this chapter is history. If you want, you can still grind, but that doesn't take that long. The alternative is now much better: You throw your new character into one of the story lines of your choice. This basically doesn't bring up any new background stories, but it feels a lot more entertaining because you can always relive the common thread that you find most interesting at the moment of character creation. Stop the Legion invasion? No problem, you can level up to 50 levels. Experience the Quest classics of yore? No problem, you can level up to 50 levels. Kill Deathwing? No problem, you can level up to 50 levels. A visit to time mage Chromie makes possible what seemed to be lost: have fun while quests!

Nevertheless, the experience of having reached the Max level is impressive, because every player has a character that they cherish and care for. The twinks are mostly just accessories, serve as collective characters or are used for professions. The “Main” is a real hero or heroine, has defeated millions of opponents over the course of 16 years, killed factional enemies on the battlefields and arenas and collected loot more than he could carry. The fact that there is time in a hero always became clear from the level phase: You spent hours completing quests; Torn down kilometers on foot, on horseback or by air shuttle, and made a name for yourself in dungeons. Being a hero is always work. This feeling is now partly lost because anyone can quickly become a hero.

Now you feel less like a champion, but you get the chance to experience the world of the craft of war with World of Warcraft: Shadowlands to experience anew - with many heroes, each individually, at least up to a certain point at which all strands come together again and you have arrived at endgame content. The level squish finally focuses on the many small and large tasks behind which there are good stories. Leveling doesn't feel like work anymore, it is rewarding. Many players are currently dusting twinks created years ago that never made it past level 10. Many players plunge into adventures that have long been forgotten. Blizzard has rekindled interest in the game world.

Finally you can experience stories without stress again - among other things because you know that the level phase is not so sprawling anymore. Source: Spielpunkt

Finally you can experience stories without stress again - partly because you know that the level phase is not so sprawling anymore. Source: Spielpunkt

Instead of just having to beat a twink to the maximum level in an irrelevant way, you can concentrate on content and make quick progress in the process. Not that dungeons weren't fun, on the contrary: The fact that the party brawls are made the focus of character progression distracts from the wonderful game world and its stories. With World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, the developers have succeeded in making appreciation for their work tangible again. Players can explore details in peace without having to worry about being held up in the leveling process.

At the latest, the pre-event now also shows: Not everything has changed, the everyday life of the heroes not anyway. You are still knocking equipment out of bosses that spawn again and again, watching the item spiral turn or trying to catch up with the item level, what you have missed with main characters and twinks in recent years.

With the release of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands everything will spin even faster. The race to the maximum level will then start again. So now, if possible, pass the time with cool stories, because you can do that well to bridge the waiting time - and feel well entertained. In around two weeks, a lot will feel more like the ground again.


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