It starts in just a few hours, then World of Warcraft starts its eighth expansion with Shadowlands. For fans, this also means the start of a new level phase. If you want to get this over with quickly and get started with the endgame content, you can do so with the help of a guide developed by World of Warcraft's well-known speedrunner “DesMephisto”. With guidance, you can reach the maximum level in under six hours.

Admittedly, most players will probably not succeed as smoothly as “DesMephisto” himself. He not only worked out the guide, but also managed it himself to the maximum level of 37 in five hours and 60 minutes. But: You don't need special tricks or even exploits to reach the top level in record time. All you need is a strategy, the right approach and a little in-game shopping.

Shadowlands: Speedrun to the max level

“DesMephisto” is a real professional in the speed running business, it will be difficult for the average player to achieve his times - even with the guide known as Google Document can be found publicly on the Internet.

In it, the expert has listed in small steps what needs to be observed and what preparations should be made. The speedrunner guides you step by step through the level areas and gives you hints; In addition, “DesMephisto” also advises some add-ons and purchase items.

Because there are still a few hours left until the start of the eighth expansion of World of Warcraft, you can use the time until then. By the way, you don't have to feel pressured, because casual gamers can simply use the guide as a point of reference for good preparation and actually do without speed running. After all, the new one Level phase and thus the start in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands a unique experience that should be enjoyed.

The speedrunner "DesMephisto" relies on real speed and not on lazy tricks. Source: Blizzard

The speedrunner “DesMephisto” relies on real speed and not on lazy tricks. Source: Blizzard

How more interesting is all that is behind the guide and the idea of ​​the fast path to the maximum level. The professional relies exclusively on permitted content: There are no secret tricks or exploits that lead “DesMephisto” to success. The highlight: The Speedrunner relies on story quests and uses potions and items to increase your movement speed. So in World of Warcraft, “speed running” is actually about “speed”. There are also important details, such as clever use of the Hearthstone to teleport over the maps and save yourself a lot of walking.

We are curious how long it will take you to get to the maximum level!


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