World of Warcraft: Shadowlands on Xbox Series X is not as daring as a basic idea as it initially seems. After an alleged leak of an age rating in Brazil had given cause for hope, Blizzard has now commented on it: Accordingly, they have “no plans” to publish World of Warcraft: Shadowlands for Xbox Series X as well. 

The eighth extension to WoW, World of Warcraft: Shadowlandsthat fans hoped to be able to play on the console after the screenshot of a corresponding age rating made the rounds in Brazil. In addition to the PC version, the Xbox Series X was explicitly stated. When the console was subsequently removed from the entry, there were two options: Either the information provided by the console was an error or the information should not have been published yet. A Blizzard company spokesman has now clarified.

No plans for World of Warcraft on consoles

Rumors about the implementation of World of Warcraft for consoles have not only started since the alleged information on the website of the Brazilian Ministry of Justice. At the beginning of the alpha, some dataminers claim to have found fragments for a controller support. The question of whether WoW could make the leap to one or more consoles with Shadowlands was discussed again - also because Blizzard did not comment clearly on it.

WoW fans will not be able to soak up the console in the short term to play. Copyright: Blizzard

WoW fans will not be able to soak up the console in the short term to play. Copyright: Blizzard

Now a spokesman for Blizzard has opposite Polygon* issued a rejection: Accordingly, Blizzard have no plans to implement World of Warcraft or the Shadowlands expansion for Xbox Series X. According to Blizzard, the mention of the age rating was simply a mistake: "The platform was mistakenly listed on the rating website of the Brazilian Ministry of Justice," said the Blizzard spokesman. The entry has since been updated to indicate that the game will only appear on PC.

At least at the moment, the MMO is not making its way to the consoles. It remains uncertain whether the plans will change in the future. The prerequisites have now been created, especially on the next-gen consoles: there are more and more games with a strong online focus, peripherals such as mouse and keyboard are supported, and communication options are also available.

World of Wrcraft: Shadowlands is coming to PC later this year, including one Collector's Edition is available.

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