New information about the Playstation 5 is only available in bits. Fans especially feel in the dark when it comes to game titles that will be released for the release of the Playstation 5. Now the studio Gearbox had mercy on the players and officially announced the first game for Playstation 5 with Godfall as part of the Game Awards. 

Gearbox and Counterplay Games will bring Godfall to Playstation 5 and PC. Although the video game is also distributed in the Epic Store, the announcement of the Slash'n loot title for the console area should be more interesting: it is probably one of the Playstation 2020 release titles due to the planned release date in winter 5. The date fits : According to CEO Jim Ryan, Sony's new console is also "available from the end of 2020".

Godfall for Playstation 5 and PC: First slash and loot

With Godfall Gearbox brings an action-heavy role-playing game with a fantasy setting onto the market. Counterplay Games has revealed some details about the game principle in a separate announcement. Accordingly, Godfall is a third-person role-playing game that will probably be based on the gameplay of titles like Borderlands. Godfall focuses on cooperative play and loot. 

In challenging missions, players - alone or with support - should compete against hordes of opponents and bosses in order to bag loot after they have died. According to information from Counterplay Games, there should be plenty of loot - not least to motivate players to optimize their own character with an item spiral. Items and equipment will have a direct impact on gameplay and play style. 

Otherwise there are not many details about Godfall. The fact that the Slash'n Loot game can be played both solo and cooperatively could at least make it a good launch title for the Playstation 5.

Gearbox showed a first reveal trailer for Godfall as part of the Game Awards. Although this gives little information about the gameplay, it shows how the game can be classified in terms of its best setting:

Godfal will be an action role-playing game with a fantasy setting. Image: Gearbox

Godfal will be an action role-playing game with a fantasy setting. Image: Gearbox

In any case, Counterplay Games designed the opponents and bosses against the background of cooperative game sessions, so that their special abilities can also affect several game characters who attack from different directions. At least that sounds like a playful challenge.

Because Godfall will be one of the first games specifically for the next generation of consoles, a bombastic graphic presentation can be assumed. Godfall should appear in winter 2020.

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