It was announced long ago, now the new wireless gaming mouse called Kain 200 is available in the “Ash Black” version. The German hardware manufacturer Roccat recently announced this. After the Kain 100 and Kain 120 models, the cordless model expands the Kain series with a luxury variant. Roccat calls for around 100 euros as a price.

Roccat is again offering hardware supplies for ambitious gamers. The hardware specialist already had two at the end of September new gaming mice brought onto the market from the medium-priced segment. Now the wireless variant from the popular Kain series follows, which is supposed to provide an improved gaming experience with the "Titan" technologies.

Cain 200 is the name of Roccat's new wireless gaming mouse 

Gamers have to shell out around 100 euros for the new Kain 200. In return, they receive a gaming mouse which, according to the manufacturer, was developed with the goal of "the best mouse click". The result was the so-called Titan-Click: a combination of revised mechanics and improved signal processing.
Overall, Roccat has analyzed and optimized all areas for the wireless gaming mouse in detail: including weight, sensors and surface properties. With the Kain 200, the result is a mouse that scores with a fast, solid click and a neatly gridded mouse wheel. The highlight: The mouse wheel click is similar to that of a normal button.
The titanium click relies on an improvement in the mechanics. Image: Roccat

The titanium click is also based on an improvement in the mechanics. Image: Roccat

Gaming mice from the Kain series should sit comfortably in the hand, including the Kain 200. It has a non-slip, dirt-repellent surface and a comparatively low weight. Like the other models, the mouse is part of the AIMO family.

The Kain 200 AIMO is equipped with a 16.0000 dpi Owl-Eye Wireless Sensor, which is designed for low power consumption. According to the manufacturer, the battery lasts up to 50 hours, with activated lighting around 35 hours. With an average game workload, that's around four weeks.

The Roccat Kain 200 is now available in the Ash-Black variant for a manufacturer's recommended retail price of 99,99 euros. The Arctic-White version will follow shortly.

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Roccat is a German hardware manufacturer. In 2019, the listed Turtle Beach took over the hardware forge. More information about the Roccat line-up developed in Germany is available at 

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