Roccat has announced a new gaming mouse: the Burst Pro Air. This series impresses with its lightness, a symmetrical ergonomic shape and the optical titanium switches. First used in the Burst Pro, the optical switch reacts twice as fast as a mechanical switch and lasts twice as long, according to the manufacturer. The Burst Pro Air is the wireless version of the Burst series.

Roccat's Burst Pro Air achieves its lightness through a bionic shell based on a honeycomb construction, which is highlighted by four RGB zones and a translucent top. The Burst Pro Air is connected to the PC either via 2,4 Ghz or Bluetooth. The battery life is 100 hours, 10 minutes of charging is enough for 5 hours of playtime. Also included are the heat-treated mouse feet made of pure PTFE for perfect gliding properties right out of the box.

Roccat: Burst Pro Air available in two colors

The wireless Burst Pro Air is lightweight at 81g and features Roccat's core components such as
the Owl-Eye Optical 19K DPI Sensor and incredibly fast Titan Optical Switches, while Stellar Wireless Technology optimizes and manages wireless signal strength and battery consumption for optimal performance.

“Our wired Burst Pro has been very well received by the FPS gamers in our community who prefer an ergonomic and symmetrical mouse. Now, with the Burst Pro Air, we're excited to offer the same benefits to gamers who prefer a wireless mouse," said René Korte, Roccat founder and general manager of PC peripherals at Turtle Beach. “The Burst Pro Air uses our latest technologies and although the mouse is wireless, it stays thanks
our unique Bionic Shell design, lightweight and comfortable. The Burst Pro Air ticks all the boxes for today's competitive PC gamer.”

The Burst Pro Air features the same ergonomic and symmetrical shape that Roccat developed for the original wired Burst Pro; a design focused on performance and comfort in fast-paced first-person games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Valorant. Roccat's optical owl-eye sensor (based on PixArt's PAW3370) delivers 19K DPI and 400 IPS tracking speed for unprecedented efficiency in detecting mouse movements. Additionally, Roccat's lightning-fast Titan Optical Switches offer a responsive click with incredibly quick actuation for unparalleled speed and precision. The Titan Optical Switch is twice as fast as a mechanical switch and twice as durable, with an actuation speed of 0,2 ms for up to 70 million clicks.

While most wireless mice tend to be heavier, the Burst Pro Air is lightweight at just 81g thanks to Roccat's unique water and dust resistant Bionic Shell design. The Burst Pro Air also has four LED zones that make the inner honeycomb structure visible with their light. Once connected, gamers can use Roccat's AIMO RGB lighting engine - which produces vibrant lighting in 16,8 million colors - to sync the Burst Pro Air with other compatible AIMO-enabled products to enable the RGB effects of a Roccat -Device to flow next.

Roccat: Cordless and up to 100 hours of battery power

The Burst Pro Air's wireless connection and battery performance are managed by Roccat's Stellar Wireless technology, constantly balancing signal strength and battery usage for optimal performance. Gamers also have the choice of a low-latency 2,4GHz wireless connection or a versatile Bluetooth 5.2 connection. The Burst Pro Air offers up to 100 hours of wireless power on a single charge for uninterrupted gaming.

Plus, USB-C fast charging allows up to five hours of playtime with just a 10-minute charge. When it's time to charge the Burst Pro Air, the flexible and lightweight Phantom Flex Cable feels as wireless as can be. The Burst Pro Air's heat-treated pure PTFE mouse feet also make a real difference. The added heat treatment means the Burst Pro Air delivers incredible glide and smooth mouse movement right out of the box, with no break-in period.

In addition to the wide range of functions, the Burst Pro Air also supports the Nvidia Reflex Analyzer. Nvidia G-Sync displays with Reflex feature the world's first and only system latency analyzer that detects clicks from gaming mice and measures the time it takes for the resulting pixels (gun flashes) to change on screen. When used in conjunction with an Nvidia G-Sync display with Reflex, the Roccat Burst Pro Air allows gamers to measure and improve overall peripheral and end-to-end system latency.

The Burst Pro Air – Lightweight Optical Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse can now be pre-ordered from us and all participating retailers for EUR 99,99 in black and white. It will be launched on April 26th. More about Roccat here:

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