Arrrrrhhhhhh! Screw on the hook, load cannons, set sails: the creators of the horror board game Winter of the Dead have announced a new offshoot of the Crossroads series - this time with a trendy pirate theme. "Forgotten Waters" by Isaac Vega, J. Arthur Ellis and Mr. Bistro is published by Plaid Hat Games. The board game was recently announced on the publisher's website. 

Plaid Hat Games did not publish much information as part of the brief announcement. Apart from the fact that the board game is a Crossroads game with a pirate setting, the publisher has not released any information. Details about the game are available via detours - namely via the Australian shop The Gamesmen*.

Forgotten Waters: Crossroads Game with Pirates

The product description shows that board players at Forgotten Waters have to build their own pirate team. What is particularly interesting is the addition that everyone sets off on an adventure together on a ship. This suggests that Forgotten Waters is a cooperative board game. The title is aimed at players aged 12 and over. 

Characters will each have their own backstory. The new Crossroads title is probably not stingy with humor - in a pirate setting, however, one would not have expected otherwise. Even if that may sound like a shallow gaming experience at first, players are forced to make decisions that have a lasting effect on the game. The brief description of the board game also shows that exploring the game world plays a major role. 

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Forgotten Waters continues the Crossroads series, whose opening title was once the Horror board game Winter of the Dead, for which Jonathan Gilmour and Issac Vega, now one of the writers of Forgotten Waters, were responsible. Gilmour was later involved in Dinosaur Island, Vega also worked on Flick'em up: Winter of the Dead.

More information is available online at

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