There are still a few days until winter, but if you are already in the mood for icy gaming fun, you can look forward to two new frosty connoisseur games at Pegasus Spiele: Endless Winter from publishing partner Frosted Games, which takes place long before our era, will be released for the first time the SPIEL'22 will be available, as the publisher has now announced. DEI, which is set in a post-apocalyptic future, is already available. 

Endless Winter takes place in North America in the early days of human settlement, around 10.000 years before our era - and thus towards the end of the last great ice age. Players lead their tribes through multiple generations, developing them from humble hunter-gatherer colonies to prosperous tribal societies.

Frosty Times: Endless Winter and DEI

In each round, the players use their worker figures or their chieftain to advance the tribe. In doing so, they can acquire new tribe members (thus expanding their own "deck"), achieve cultural advances, or hunt animals and let the tribe roam the harsh terrain on which to build camps and settlements. There are many exciting things to explore: Holy stones bring valuable points in the course of the game and the earlier the players get them, the more advantages they bring. But the players can also build powerful megaliths. These bring points or powerful bonuses.

Endless Winter is an excitingly interwoven mix of worker placement and hand management by Stan Kordonskiy. The upscale connoisseur's game for one to four players from the age of twelve offers a lot of depth and variety while all the mechanics are playfully intertwined. A game lasts between 60 and 120 minutes. The suggested retail price is 79,99 euros. At the same time as the base game, the three expansions Ancestors, Cave Paintings and Rivers and Rafts were released, which offer new elements and action options and thus ensure even greater replay value. The base game and the expansions will be available for the first time at the International Game Days SPIEL.

Tommaso Battista's DEI – Divide Et Impera takes place in the snow-covered remains of London rather than in the frozen reaches of North America. 49 years after the "Day of the White Death" humanity is on the verge of its end. The world consists of frost-covered ruins. A mysterious group calling themselves "The Citadel" has taken over with their superior technologies. Only with their help can people survive.

As one of four factions, the players in DEI fight for the favor of that citadel. You must move skillfully through different levels of the modular game plan to dominate regions and gain control of the outposts. With new cards from the market, they can improve their actions or gain advantages by piloting the coveted drones. They try to gather as many resources as possible to exchange them for vital supplies at the citadel. Because only the faction with the most supplies will survive this ice age.

The Kenner game DEI for two to four people aged 14 and over was released in August and lasts between 60 and 90 minutes per game. The recommended retail price is 89,99 euros - for this, the players receive a packed box that weighs more than three kilograms.

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