The board game Flügelschlag has been named “Kennerspiel des Jahres 2019” by the jury of the Spiel des Jahres eV. With this, the title from the house of Feuerland Spiele continues its successful course. 

The card-based engine builder, a game whose mechanics are geared towards combining synergies and steadily increasing effects, caused quite a stir when it was first released. Flügelschlag was sold out in the original version within a short time and achieved top positions in rankings. Now the jury of the Spiel des Jahres eV has named the title of the Verlag Feuerland Spiele “Kennerspiel des Jahres 2019”. The award should stimulate the already good sales again.

Flapping its wings: The hype is followed by an award

Already, or above all, the first impression of flapping the wings has convinced players and critics: the visually impressive game box serves as an ideal introduction to a board game, which, not least because of its illustrations, attracted worldwide attention. The basic mechanics, on the other hand, are comparatively simple - but the learning curve is steep. It's about luring birds into a habitat, whereby players have to make sure that they have the right food for the respective bird species. Different habitats serve as additional sorting criteria, as some birds only settle in forest areas, in pools or on meadows.

In the course of the game, the aim is to create synergies and use them skillfully. Especially at the beginning, the strategic line is usually given by the rule: Starting cards as well as the display of cards push players noticeably in a, mostly correct, direction, especially in their first games. When the playful foundation has been laid, optimizations can be continued quickly. 

The flapping of its wings is also borne by its grandiose appearance: the purely American bird species are detailed and lovingly drawn, colorful and varied. This does not always apply to the diversity of the abilities of bird species. The cube tower also has a chic birdhouse look. Karsten Grosser from Spiel des Jahres eV describes Flügelschlag as “a high-flyer in the field of expert games”. In his opinion, each batch is an “ornithological training measure”. With this board game you will not only have fun, but also learn something.

"The material when the wing flaps is gigantic."

Julia Zerlik, Jury Game of the Year eV

The author of Flügelschlag, Elizabeth Hargrave, attributes the idea for her board game to a simple conversation among friends. Her aim: to develop a game whose subject she is really interested in.

Wing Flap is undoubtedly a board game that has received a lot of attention in the past few months. With increasing gaming experience, players have to decide for themselves whether the board game can live up to the hype in a purely playful way. As an overall concept of optics, material and mechanics, Flügelschlag from the house of Feuerland Spiele is at least a worthy award winner who was able to assert itself against strong but not overpowering competitive titles. Here everyone nominated board games in the summary.

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