The journey continues for fans of Elizabeth Hargrave's board game wing flap: After the trip through Europe, fans are now moving to Oceania to feed the local bird life in the well-known engine-builder manner. The new expansion for Flügelschlag is expected to appear in November, then also directly in a German-language version via the publisher Feuerland Spiele. 

The Oceania expansion for wing flap appears, then in addition to new, this time yellow eggs, numerous new bird species and thus bird cards come into play. Also exciting: the new player boards that are used in games with the Oceania expansion. The fact that the add-on has to contain unusual material can be seen at first glance: the format of the box gives the clue.

Oceania is supposed to make the flapping of wings more varied

The new player boards are the new central material. Although the panels are geared towards the Oceania expansion and develop their added value there, the panels can also be used with the basic game, other, still secret elements can be left out, explains the Feuerland publishing house, which will publish the expansion in German in this country - probably in November. If you want to play with the birds from Oceania, you also have to use the new boards.

One thing is already clear: the new player boards contain different bonuses than the conventional ones. In this way the costs can be manipulated, for example by paying with a card or a food token. There are also bonuses that are triggered before other bonuses. For example when it comes to choosing food cubes. It is also clear that significantly more symbols will be printed on the new player boards, so that a level of complexity will be added to the base game when fans play with the Oceania expansion.

Tierra del Fuego Games or Stonemaier Games gives a glimpse of the material. Image rights: publishers

Tierra del Fuego Games or Stonemaier Games gives a glimpse of the material. Image rights: publishers

However, the basic flapping of the wings does not change. It's still about colonizing native birds, building an "engine", i.e. chain reactions, in order to drive up the score. You can play alone or with up to four other friends. In turns, players must decide whether to lay eggs, play bird cards or get new ones, or just stock up on food. It is always about making the best possible decision out of many good ones.

Oceania is already the second expansion for flapping wings, the board game that not only comes with the critics' award Kennerspiel of the year 2019has been awarded, but also as digital board game released is. After the Europe expansion, which brought a number of bird cards into play last year, Oceania now offers completely new combination possibilities. Wingspan comes from the author Elizabeth Hargrave, who after the development of "Wingspan", the English title of the board game, ventured again into a work with animals: Mariposas.

“Oceania” was announced at the beginning of the year. Stonemaier Games decided at the time to release information about the add-on's subject early, not least to raise funds for a charity that would save animals when the massive wildfires were raging in Australia.


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