The digital implementation of the successful board game Flügelschlag will be released for Nintendo Switch in spring 2020. This is the result of an Indie World Showcase on March 17th. The game is being developed by the Polish indie developer Monster Couch. The studio had already shown a working alpha version at the last Gamescom.

It has been known for a long time that Wingbeat will be released as a digital board game. The developers had already presented an early but working version of "Wingspan“ in the luggage. According to the developers, a release was planned for the first quarter of 2020, initially for PC Steam and Apple's iOS. It is now clear: Wing Beat will be released as a digital board game for Nintendo Switch in spring 2020.

Wings flap: digital board game comes from Monster Couch

The Indie World Showcase, which Nintendo broadcast on March 17th, showed, among other things, the flapping of wings by the indie studio Monster Couch. This means that the Nintendo Switch will receive another top-class board game - already this year. At least that is currently the planned publication period. An exact date does not yet exist.

The digital implementation of flapping wings, in this country the board game by Elizabeth Hargrave was called Expert game of the year excellent, playfully, but also optically closely follows the template. Wing Flap is an engine builder for one to five players. The game thus offered ideal conditions for a console implementation. 

When the wing flaps, the aim is to settle rare bird species in different habitats and to play out long-chain combinations. At the same time, players have to find the right balance of food, eggs and species. In the end, the player with the highest number of points wins.

The digital version of flapping wings can be seen in the Nintendo video from 16:04 minutes for a few seconds:


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The board game - originally published by Stonemaier Games and a real top seller there - has also been localized for the German-speaking market and was published in this country by Feuerland Spiele. The title was penned by Elizabeth Hargrave, who is currently working on her new board game Mariposas. Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) plans to publish this title, which is about the migration of monarch butterflies, this year. 

Nintendo's indie world stream shows that wing flapping will match the template in terms of play. The style is also largely retained visually, with animated birds and – which should help the atmosphere – the original voices of the bird species. The digital version will also be able to play up to five "ornithologists" in a local mode. An online mode has not yet been officially confirmed. 

The digital board game about flapping wings is expected to be released for Nintendo Switch in spring 2020.

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