The cat is out of the bag: Wildcat Gun Machine launches today. Daedalic Entertainment and Chunkybox Games open the gates of hell today: Wildcat Gun Machine is finally available today for PC (Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store), PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch

It seems it's time to let out your inner wildcat in this bullet hell dungeon crawler and skin those nasty flesh abominations with an arsenal of powerful weapons.

Sniper Elite 5: Campaign in France 1944

In Wildcat Gun Machine, players find themselves in labyrinthine dungeons filled to the brim with pretty gross and just as angry enemies. HP Lovecraft would be proud: In order to be able to free gigantic mech robots from the clutches of ancient, demonic entities, players have 40 different weapon types at their disposal.

Key Features

  • Bullet hell shooter
  • Over 40 types of weapons
  • Epic boss battles in set environments
  • Skill upgrades that fit your playstyle
  • Unique 2D design

Each of them is made to pump bullets full of the spawn of hell. Super abilities that players unlock through character upgrades add the icing on the cake. Wildcat Gun Machine is a classic bullet hell boss fight experience with a twist: the battles are hand designed and require tactical thinking - there are no random battles here.


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