[Display] Gambling in the casino remains popular in the New Year: the first trends for 2020 are emerging, especially for online slot machines. This is not least due to the positive development of digital sales in the video game segment. Technological leaps also enable providers to keep bringing new, innovative slots onto the market. The fact is: The gambling market is growing and trendy online slots are making a noticeable contribution to this. 

What is exciting is what US market researchers prophesied about six months ago. Accordingly, there is little evidence of stagnation in the gamling market. On the contrary: the signs point to growth. Also because the digital market is growing overall. The Gambling market According to analysts, it will be heavy at around 100 billion US dollars - provided the market grows by around 11,5 percent annually, which seems quite realistic. The providers of reputable online casinos who never tire of creating new trends in online slot machines also want to have a large piece of the pie. 

Online slots: more players, more income - more spending

Big, bigger, biggest: online slot machines in 2020 will have to cope with gigantic screen diagonals. Technology-savvy households are increasingly finding widescreen or even ultra-widescreen monitors.

Owners of such displays want their financial investment to pay off visually. Slot developers will be calling this year and theirs Slot games also for large-format screens optimize. Pure scaling up of the resolution or even the typical "pixel effect" through a simple enlargement are no longer up to date. In 2020, online slot machines want to be developed natively for high resolutions and widescreen formats. 

Mini games in online slots

The times when best online slot machines only wanted to score with optical effects are long gone. Innovative slots also playfully challenge soldiers of fortune. What comes out in the end is called "Skill based game", a trend in online slot machines that is likely to catch on in 2020. 

Trend 2020: Gamblers don't just want to be entertained, they want to actively train their skills.

Trend 2020: Gamblers don't just want to be entertained, they want to actively train their skills.

This type of game puts the skill of the player at the center, at least at times. At the same time, the otherwise pure luck factor is mitigated. "Skill-based" online slots will increasingly use mini-games in the future, which will be integrated into the basic game concept. It is conceivable that players would then play a mini-game instead of using an acquired free spin. 

The simple system connects players more closely to the online slot machine - giving them more control over the course of the game. In addition, mini-games are far more varied and interactive than a mere "bet and spin". Classic slots are likely to be gradually replaced or at least expanded to include "skill based" elements. This is possible without any problems, as long as the developers find an idea that fits the theme of the respective slot.

The psychological component behind the games of skill will not only be used by the players themselves, but also by the providers: Letting the player believe that he can increase his winnings through his skills alone is an enormous motivator. In this way, players can be employed longer at the slot machines and sales can be boosted.

Nevertheless, if you practice diligently as a player, you can at least make a profit from the skill passages - the rest is a matter of luck.

What about VR slot machines in online casinos?

Virtual reality is and will remain a topic in itself. Many players want graphically elaborate VR content, but casino providers will probably not bring such online slot machines to the market this year. Even if the VR market is growing overall and a few VR slots were able to establish themselves last year - for example Gonzo's Quest - the concepts do not seem to be ready for the mass market yet. 

The Virtual Reality- Slot machines are put online players almost directly into the action; they become part of the game. VR slots are enormously immersive and entertaining, so that more and more developers will probably use such technologies in the future. It is basically only a matter of time before large numbers of VR slots hit the gaming market. But that comes too early for a real trend in online slot machines in 2020. 

The industry is not quite that far yet: it will be a long time before VR online slots can be played in such a relaxed manner.

The industry is not quite that far yet: it will be a long time before VR online slots can be played in such a relaxed manner.

After all: some VR slots show what is already possible today with the appropriate know-how and commitment. With online slot machines, the 360-degree all-round view ensures a completely new gaming experience - and more excitement. In this way, online slots gain enormous tension and this has a lengthening effect on the pure playing time. Players even get the feeling of being in a real casino. Ultimately, both sides benefit from this: players and casino operators.

Why this technology?
Augmented reality, but also mobile VR, are relevant for online casinos: the majority of users (around 62 percent) already play slot machines on their smartphones or tablets.

The weakened form is augmented reality content, but that is still a long time coming. The developers are on the right track and will make progress again this year: However, this will not yet prevail as a 2020 trend for online slot machines.

Also closely related to graphic developments 3D slots. These online slot machines already exist, but the graphics could improve enormously in the current year. 3D slots have existed for around two years and have already had a noticeable impact on the gaming industry during this time. Players literally demand a contemporary, three-dimensional look - and that is exactly what real 3D slots can fulfill. New trends in online slot machines that focus on thematic 2020D content are expected to be created in 3. Overall, there will be a lot of changes this year in terms of looks.

Gamification is also interesting for online slots

"Gamification" is not only the magic word in modern education and work, but also in online casinos. Game-based incentives are now almost everywhere, including online slot machines. The idea is to optimize the entertainment factor of slot machines. The slots are designed to feel a lot more like a real game; exciting campaigns should replace waiting times. Every task, no matter how small, should feel important for the course of the game and motivate you to continue playing. 

One of the simplest "gamification measures" are the well-known ranking lists or the organization of tournaments. It's about rewarding players more often for their efforts. In 2020, this will continue to increase for the best online slot machines: There will be more leaderboards, more opportunities to compare your own performance with that of other players. 

Trend 2020: Gamification in online slot machines gradually rewards players for their actions.

Trend 2020: Gamification in online slot machines gradually rewards players for their actions.

The aim is to extend the playing time and make it more entertaining for the player. With gamification, serious slot providers can counteract a phenomenon: the longer players play at a machine, the more automated - and for the player boring - the actions become. Gamification is intended to offer new incentives to arouse the interest of the adventurers. Playing on the online slot machine must feel satisfying and entertaining at the same time. 

Online slot machines in 2020: technology is everything

This year will definitely set important trends in online slot machines. Everything revolves around new technologies or at least sensible further developments. This applies above all to the artificial intelligence, which will, paradoxically, make the entire gameplay more "human". In competitive settings, players have the feeling of playing against a real opponent. Artificial intelligence is becoming more adaptable and demands everything from players.

At the same time, artificial intelligences learn more about their human opponents: they collect data and analyze it - only to then pass the new knowledge on to the user as a playful challenge. Because the data collections also include gaming preferences, AIs will be used in 2020 to provide players with meaningful and tailored offers based on the games they have played. Speech recognition is also AI-driven and could set a trend in online slot machines as early as this year.

A lot this year revolves around technological improvements or even new developments.

A lot this year revolves around technological improvements or even new developments.

Otherwise, everything that has long since found its way into the online world will continue to establish itself: crypto currencies as a means of payment, RFID technologies that can form a bridge between online slots and the real world (for example through real purchases that are incorporated into the Slot world) or facial recognition, which can even contribute to personalizing the individual gaming experience. Technically, there are hardly any limits in the area of ​​the actually simple online slot machines. 

2020 will also be the year of optimization in online casinos: more security, better service offers, more options for cashless payments - everything that is not part of the standard will continue to improve in line with customer requirements. For fans of online slot machines, 2020 is definitely an extremely exciting year.