If watching football is not enough, real fans can make their passion more interactive. Board games from the colorful world of football are particularly suitable for this. Whether as an event during the time when there is no football or as a preparation for the next game: A football board game always cuts a fine figure on the gaming tables. This short article presents three successful board game implementations so that the next game night is guaranteed to be a lavish football festival. 

Monopoly - Hasbro's national team

The famous classic returns as beautifulgood football board gamesThe football version was put back on the tables: Monopoly - The National Team The design is completely tailored to the German national team and replaces the traditional fields of the game board with historical data from the world of football.

The world championships are just as important as the placements at the European championships or the mascot. The game figures, which were designed as a soccer shoe, ball, goal or whistle and thus fit perfectly into the game scenario, are particularly successful. The illustrations on the game board are always appropriate and of a noticeably high quality. The game principle remains untouched, so that Monopoly fans get their money's worth. And with the latest corruption scandals in the football world, there is hardly a more suitable board game for fans.

Trivial Pursuit DFB by Winning Moves


Football wisdom is a dime a dozen: “The ball is round”, “A game has 90 minutes”, “Milan or Madrid, the main thing is Italy”. The soccer version of Trivial Pursuit is a special challenge for guessing foxes. And as a travel edition, the board game finds its place in every case, no matter how small. Fun and entertainment are guaranteed even on rainy vacation days. The Trivial Pursuit DFB Edition offers 330 questions from all areas of football.

The six categories of knowledge are broken down as follows: history of the DFB, national players and coaches, EM, World Cup, DFB Cup, women's national team. The division into these areas turns the game into a colorful quiz, in which random hits are possible, but concentrated football knowledge increases the chances of winning enormously. This shows who is a true football expert. Trivial Pursuit DFB relies on the original and good game principle, so that board players immediately feel at home. 2 to 6 players between the ages of 8 and 100 experience pure halftime entertainment.

Scene it? - FIFA World Cup quiz from Mattel

Board game: soccer quiz

Nothing works without a TV in this entertaining quiz game. Scene it - The DVD game is an interactive guessing game that combines a classic board game part including special fields with quiz questions in DVD format. The good picture quality and the coherent sound create a great football atmosphere. Despite the TV inserts, the game never degenerated into a pure TV marathon.

Whoever reaches the final with his character wins and can call himself Scene it Champion. The material quality is good. All components make a long-lasting impression and can withstand boozy football matches. The modern version of the guessing game is convincing and fun for the whole family. Definitely try it, because Scene it - The DVD game? is available in numerous entertaining versions if you like.