Everyone has seen them before and knows them: The square cube codes that are now popping up everywhere. Everyone knows what a barcode is for, for example. But why do you need the so-called QR codes?

The so-called QR codes are those codes that are built up in the form of a square. These squares, or rather cubes, contain data. Incidentally, the name QR comes from English and means “Quick-Response”, which simply means “quick response”.

What is a QR Code?

The square composition of black and white patterns contains information in the form of a code. In this sense, the functions of the codes are very similar to the well-known bar codes. The QR code is structured as follows: In three of the four corners of the cube there is a square, which is usually composed of both colors. The square, which is usually black, has a white border and a black frame is often visible around it. So the squares within the square can be seen quite well. They are used so that the scanner can orientate itself on these squares. This ensures that the scanner can always read the code regardless of the orientation. It does not matter how the scanner reads the code, as the alignment is automatically recognized and saved by the three squares within the square.

Smartphones in particular are often used as QR code scanners.

Smartphones in particular are often used as QR code scanners.

Incidentally, a QR code cannot only be read with a scanner designed for this purpose. All you need is a smartphone, tablet or notebook with an integrated camera and reading software for QR codes. In principle, this means that the codes can be read out with any technical device, provided the software has been installed.

What are QR codes used for and what are their uses?

The benefit is to be able to accommodate more information and data in the smallest possible area and, at the same time, to place low demands on the device for reading out. Furthermore, QR codes should be more robust and read even if they are not so dirty or if they have been partially destroyed.
The QR codes were invented by a Japanese company and originally served the automotive industry. Auto parts and assemblies should be automatically identified and delivered using the code. In the meantime, however, the codes are also used in many other places in our everyday lives.


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We see them, for example, on train tickets, business cards, wall papers, posters and also in magazines. Again and again we came across products that show the cube pattern somewhere on the surface. The idea of ​​QR codes is to be able to call up and assign information more quickly in everyday life. In this way, data is saved and processes are accelerated. Of course, not only the automotive industry benefits from this, so the use of QR codes is becoming more and more widespread.

One of the most common uses at the moment is the coding of Internet addresses. But longer texts such as B. an invitation text or the entire data of a business card can be coded using a QR code. Since you don't need a specific device to read a QR code, but can simply scan it with your smartphone, the codes can also be used by far more people. In this way, the advantages of QR codes are not withheld from large companies. It is now even possible to have your own on the Internet Create QR code can. There you simply enter your information and data, whereupon the code is created as a graphic file.