Stefan Feld is a well-known German game designer, together with Queen Games Verlag he will publish the first two of the series on Kickstarter in August. A total of at least eight new game versions of his classics as well as completely new games are to be released - all games will have city names and thus define the theme. Which it is is not yet known, but cities are probably the focus of everyone. 

The deadline for the Kickstarter campaign is August 18th, when the games will be put online. Although some are 'just' variants of the original games, this isn't just about design. Although the author and publisher changed the illustrations, they also revise the rules and game variants. In addition, they should also include all published extensions. The City Collection should also be of higher quality and be a real eye-catcher with the city panorama on the side.

Hamburg and Amsterdam

Hamburg is the name of the new edition of the well-known game Bruges, which was published by Hans im Glück in 2013. The expansion "The Town on the Zwin" and "The Domestic Animals" will also be integrated. Apparently the trade is now in a different city, but some of the rules have changed as well. The card game repeatedly presents the players with disasters that must be averted in order to achieve goals. To do this, various actions are carried out using cards.

The new covers
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Amsterdam will then be the remake of the Macau game. Macao was first published by alea in 2009. The setting has also changed here and new elements find their way into the board game: In Amsterdam, for example, new strategies are made possible by shortening sea and harbor routes; Dock workers can also be brought to their place of work.

In addition, the publisher and author have worked on balancing the cards better so that there will be even fewer luck advantages. Overall, the game should be more strategic. However, as in the old game, everything revolves around trading, and the winner is the one with the most victory points at the end of the twelfth round.

And two other titles are currently known, Marrakesh and New York. Which games are hidden here has so far remained open. They should be published in 2021. And the names of the remaining four games are not even known at the moment. You can definitely stay excited.

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